napiraiz #062

Don't judge, she has a cat called Pemberley! And a puppy! (But that one is not called Pemberley, because that would be extremely confusing.) Then there are all these cheap souvenirs from Korea brought by her husband who travels there usually for business. Also, all those folkdance stuff thanks to her older daughter who dances at Borbolya Dance Group. The only Borbolya-stuff at our house is the great pile of cat hair that could be found on all of our garments! Naturally I felt a bit of nostalgic seeing her dance-skirt…

But all this was nothing compared to the loft. The girls have their own creative room upstairs! (Or will have… A true fan of Doctor Who knows how time is not a strict progression of cause to effect.) That was the thing that finally made me say: „I want to be a child in this house”. And which made Martha say „Me too.”


napiraiz #061

So basically this is what our days look like. I'm glad it can't be seen on the outcome.


napiraiz #057

So as I said, from this year on, I'm posting only on weekdays which means here's the last drawing of this week:

Gosh, I make him look such a fearful dark lord (if you remember Monday's drawing…), but actually he was nice. Still, you might understand that I don't wish to upset in any way the person in charge of the only perks that make the whole year worth doing.


napiraiz #056

Good luck in teaching that to me. I could say that's impossible. Then again she's called ‘the impossible girl’ for a reason.



napiraiz #052

Now what did I tell you about picking your wedding days? All right I said no autumn, I didn't say no spring either or March when winter actually kicks in so hard that it leaves you on the floor bleeding, but what I meant was,

I seriously crave to wear one of my fancy dresses!

Now let me just think, who's next?...


napiraiz #050

You know how I'm always saying my workplace is like a factory, you can't even stop to have some lunch or go to the toilet actually, it's just soulkilling, stressful, chaotic working, working, working...

Now then once in a while we have just a tiny little sip of fresh air when the boss leaves and we have (relatively) all work done. Some calm. Maybe a glass of wine left from the boring christmas meeting. Shared by the three of us but not from the same glass because ewww! gross!. And maybe, just maybe some laughing. Just before we close the office for a few hours.

And when is someone to come in? Well of course in that two and a half minutes!

I think we acted very naturally.

napiraiz #049


napiraiz #048



napiraiz #047

And here I stand,
And here I'll stay,
And watch me swish
Yellow feathers and some other stuff dramatically in my fearsome sweatpants and teddybear slippers!


napiraiz #046

I Mean We're Talking About A Man Who Made An Entire Generation Of Fans Eat Fish Fingers With Custard And To Wear Bowties And Fezzes – Part Two

(also: a prequel from 2012)

I'm really not good with regenerations.


napiraiz #045

It is quite simple. If you are a goose you need a duck with a tie, because without it you transform into a sad goose then a rambo-turkey, then a dead rambo-turkey, but then of course, after a while you regenerate into a phoenix, obviously, and that's cool, but you need to be very careful, because if you sit next to a computer in your new phoenix form, and accidentally see a duck with a tie, you transform into a goose.

See? Simples!


napiraiz #044

I Mean We're Talking About A Man Who Made An Entire Generation Of Fans Eat Fish Fingers With Custard And To Wear Bowties And Fezzes – Part One

Also: I'm doing me covers. Because noone's doing it, it is my duty to cover myself. Yes. And I do so sometimes. Here's an example.


napiraiz #043

Dear readers (or maybe it's better to say viewers, because… well… obviously… the drawings, not that there's nothing to read here, especially if you are Hungarian who doesn't speak English, well, in which case you're probably not reading this here either… although there are letters as well on my drawings, but please don't say maybe it'd be better if there were nothing else but letters – though I would welcome the fellow-typofreak in you… aaaaanyway!)

You might have noticed that I've  got a bit held up in the whole Christmas-issue-making-and-a-few-personal-aspects-of-Christmas-coming-too, but hopefully I'll be able to get back to the good 'ole one drawing per day practice from now on.

So! New year, eh? Let's start with a classic Wickham one shall we?