February was like...

Now that March is almost over I guess it's about time to reveal February.

I'm in! Ha! I'm officially in! Take that, Life!


Meanwhile in the hamster ball: Carnival

New segment, because why not. (AKA I can't get myself to do anything else, but I need my visual diary back!)

Fun fact: people who seem to be living caricatures are actually not.


January was like…

Specifically a neck- and backpain which continued almost all month, and made me think that maybe it will be like this from now on until I die, and I just need to get used to this. Fortunately it stopped about a week ago, nevertheless the fact these days my body is telling me through various things remains: ‘I don't know what you're thinking you idiot, but you're not an effing teenager anymore you know!’


adatok 011

If those doesn't work you could always just learn Miranda's Reverse Triumph Excitement Sound and Guestures with the accurate pointing of course. But whatever you do, remember: Do. Not. Tell. Family.

This art on a mug or phonecase



mesebolt 010

It's a very popular fairytale. Title is: ‘I'M FROZEN PLEASE HELP ME, OH GOD HOW WILL I SURVIVE UNTIL SUMMER?!’

(Quote stolen from inspired by this)


Guess what day it is?

(apart from the day before Humpday)


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adatok 010

I know, it's been a while since A. D. A. T. O. K. was what the name originally represented. In my defense I haven't been much in an office kitchen ever since. But! Found a new job lately, got a new office and new coffee machine – although I still don't spend much time in the kitchen since there is literally no heating there (for deeper level of understanding what a great loss that is to me, see also i hate winter, thank you) – so it was about time I gave you a peek to the average days of my new office life. I present thee:

Well of course it's a bit of an exaggeration, I mean of course I'm not pointing or whispering to an imagine audience. That would be crazy. And I find that by time it's getting better, for example there are certain days lately when I don't even ask for his autograph.