October was like..

The sneezing thing might have reduced the tendency though…

So I decided to do the ‘months like...’ series from now on like this. But never again on black paper, gosh! This time it was a good choice – obvs couse the chalkboard thing – but you cannot imagine the pain with the kerning!


adatok 009

Especially if you are a freak like me who sneezes twenty-six times in a row so you choose to resist sneezing at all which is supposedly really not good for your brain.


mesebolt 008

I think you get which one is that.
Also I miss the scanner so badly! :S


chips 007

I was wondering for a while how could I draw God in my CHIPS segment. Since I decided at the beginning to make these drawings more naturalistic the only way was to draw a Bible, but that's boring, nah.

Actually I decided that I won't be drawing every one of them that way. I already did one in a more fun way. So it's going to be either something naturalistic or something really different. The main thing is that they won't be anything like the other 3 days' drawings.

mesebolt 007

A lovely short story from the Brothers Grimm: Mother Trudy (hungarian title: Boszorák).