adatok 008


chips 007

I was wondering for a while how could I draw God in my CHIPS segment. Since I decided at the beginning to make these drawings more naturalistic the only way was to draw a Bible, but that's boring, nah.

Actually I decided that I won't be drawing every one of them that way. I already did one in a more fun way. So it's going to be either something naturalistic or something really different. The main thing is that they won't be anything like the other 3 days' drawings.

mesebolt 007

A lovely short story from the Brothers Grimm: Mother Trudy (hungarian title: Boszorák).


fabula 007

Unfortunately Borbolya took that letter away so we never knew the real reason she left. We thought she went somewhere else to give birth to their mittens then decided to stay there.


chips 006

And now I present thee:
my dog

Oh, he's a lovely beast! And clever and nice and fun and just awesome. He's a mixed breed and from the look I assume a dachshund met a corgi which is like the best combination, isn't it! He's almost 7 years old but he's like a puppy sometimes. Other times a wise mature dog that he is. And he's one of the good things in my life hence the drawing.


mesebolt 006 + Happy Hangeul Day!

And for this occasion it's not an actual tale today but a fact in a tale style (bit of a Hungarian Folk Tales ripoff I know)

‘Because the speech of this country is different from that of China, it  does not match the [Chinese] letters. Therefore, even if the ignorant want to communicate, many of them in the end cannot state their concerns. Saddened by this, I have 28 letters newly made. It is my wish that all the people may easily learn these letters and that be convenient for daily use.’
(Sejong the Great)

I'm really impressed by both the letters and King Sejong's reign, and actually if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be studying Korean rigth now. For more about the subject of hangeul see this or in case of TLDR watch Tree With Deep Roots which is almost entirely fiction but anyways it's fun.

* the Korean kingdom's name at the time