napiraiz #140

napiraiz #139

napiraiz #138

Because you cannot end something with a number like 137...

Also, here are some explanations why maybe you won't be seeing much Average Days At The Offic Kitchen afterall.


Introducing... C. H. I. P. S.!

That is...

Celebrating Heaven-sent Items Poorly Systemized

OK, I need to explain this weird abbreviation. To put it simlpe on fridays – to finish the week with positive thoughts – I'll post about good things in life, the things that makes it worth to put up with all the shit life throws at you. And what would be a better abbreviation!

Don't expect it to be a list in a precise order of importance though. I'll draw them as I wish. I'm planning on doing these a more realistic way than usual, because I'm starting to forget drawing like that.


Itroducing… M. E. S. E. B. O. L. T.!

That is...

Making Everyone See Enchanted Books Of Lovely Tales

If you haven't noticed yet, I had come up with what might seem some quite dumb names. But in fact they work very well in Hungarian (the abbreviations) and a bit in English (the long versions) as well. So that they speak to all my followers! 


Introducing... wednesdays

On which days I'll post absolutely nothing. Except for those newspapers I'm working on till late night.


Introducing... A. D. A. T. O. K.!

That is...

Average Days At The Office Kitchen

On tuesdays I will post the usual daily drawings. Which lately contain mostly fragments from the office kitchen. Yay for coffe, gossip and cursing the boss! I don't say though that these will be only job-related. Sometimes, only sometimes, I have other things in my... life?...


Introducing... F.A.B.U.L.A.!

That is...

Fascinating Adventures By Unashamed Lazy Animals

I wanted to start the weeks with something light and what could be better than cats... maybe dogs sometimes. Or chicken. My pets (which are truly unashamedly lazy) were already featured in a lot of my daily drawings (see also: cat and Zsebi) so it only made sense to give them a regular segment.


New projects next week

That is I'll introduce the new projects with the first drawings starting tomorrow!

I prepared a new sketchbook for it which has different kind of papers in it, so I'll be forced to use different techuniques.



Clearance Day! AKA napiraiz #135, #136, #137

It's clearance day! I post everything else I have in my posession, then next week I start introducing my new projects. Which I'll be doing in a different sketchbook just to make it a really fresh start. YAY!

But for now, here are some more vampires and you're-doing-it-wrongs. Also, bugs.