Fragments From My Sketchbook

Episode 2 – Duck Tales


Invitation. To love.

So I decided not to continue my 365 Illustration Project the way I did it (my other option was to scratch out sleeping from my daily schedule). But I still feel the need of doing something similar, and sometimes, only sometimes, even doing it similarly to the “good old days”. Now I'll show you some of these (don't mock the topics. I'm still an isolated freakish spinster, so what.)

Until the next episode of “fragments from my sketchbook”,

yours sincerely


Whatever happened to ye olde consistency?

So you're probably wondering if I'll ever continue posting to these sites of mine. Well... Thing is, I'm wondering too.

Here's the case in brief:
  • I got a fulltime job (FINALLY) in January at the local newspaper as a layout editor. That takes a lot of time, like, being there from morning till late afternoon (sometimes even till night) and even working when I'm at home. Besides, I'm new, still in probation, so I'd better be very active. Like very, very active.
  • I have exams. Serious ones. Like there are these modules, and my work for it must be like super-ultra-extreme-awesomazing, because I'll need to defend it at my finals in June.
  • It's my senior year. That means I'll have to start working on my Big Final Work thingy (something like a thesis but less tapping the keyboard, more drawing and glueing and whatever creative work), and learn all those terrifyingly great amount of... stuff.
  • I have some other things I promised my friends before Christmas and everything. Like this great book a friend of mine wrote, I'm making its layout and even doing some proofreading too. So... things like that.
As you can see, it's quite a busy period for me. But fear not, I'll work something out!