Books, love and monsters

A li'l sneak peek to what I'm working on these days.

Will show the whole project soon.


So it's that time again…


This time it's more tough though, because now I also have Korea... and I also have no freetime. Whatever shall one do in such case?…


Sandra Jane Adventures

I participate the fanart contest on Sandra and Woo every year. I usually submit an ordinary one and one like an Entrusted Property–Sandra and Woo crossover.

This year however I only had time for one piece. But there is crossover alright.


napiraiz #126-127

I just realized I still owe you two ‘months like’s. And the two spare drawings I had seem to fit just right.


Other works: No Silence in this Library

Dear audience, the site is not dead but there will be big changes. Until I figure the whole thing out, enjoy some other works: stuff I'm spending on all my non-existing freetime these days.

I was asked to create a new brochure for the town library. One side has all the information verbally, while the other side contains a drawing illustrating it (kind of Busytown style).

As for the drawing the building has 14 rooms on 3 and a half levels, I had to draw these showing some activities you can do in each. The characters are the actual staff working there and some of my friends and aquintances as well.


You can see the whole project with more pictures and more information on my behance page.