November was like not what December was like

This art on a T-shirt, tote bag, throw pillow, mug or phonecase



Happy New Year Pumpkin Pies!

And by Pumpkin Pies I mean sweet amazing people who still care about my stuff.

As you can see I'm gonna have a blast this year as well: fun, great company and good food without the unpleasantness of the whole having to go out and meet lots of people I don't know. YAY for antisociality! Ehm... I mean... unicorns and rainbows! :)

I wish you spend your new year pleasantly as well – whatever it wouldd be for you – and have many nice things next year! (Which may or may not contain more awesome drawings by me.)


Merry Christmas!

(Also, you just learned how to say Merry Christmas in Korean.)


In case you missed me

Here's a thing I did for a friend, Iza for her soon-to-be-published romantic novel which takes place in Croatia. It's a nice reading with pleasant things like warm weather, good food, georgeous fishes under the sea and young croatian men with white teeth and blue eyes. Read it when it's finally available!


Mugs and phonecases with free shipping

Have you ever wondered how great it would be if these drawings here would be available on mugs or iphonecases (I don't even know what that is, nevermind)? I know, I know, I think about that all the time too. But fear not! Because from now on
I have my own (well not really but close enough) online store!  Where you can find some of my drawings as mugs, phonecases or some of them even as laptop skins or wall clocks! I know, amazing. Just look at that!

Okay, more seriously I'm not even sure if I'll ever sell anything there, but just in case anyone was interested, I figured, I shall provide an opportunity. Right now there are twelve of my drawings available (mainly seasonal) on my store, but there will be more in the future (requests are very welcome!). I know some of them would make excellent T-shirts, throw pillows or tote bags too, but unfortunately my drawings are too small for that.

Oh yes, the prizes. I made them as cheap as I could – the basic prizes are high enough – but the good news is, right now shipping is free  worldwide and there is a discount as well until November 9th  but only for those who click on this link.

So if you want something one of a kind that only you possess (and all those others who decide to buy them) or if you want to give something unique for Christmas, this is the best time to aquire it! :)


October was like..

The sneezing thing might have reduced the tendency though…

So I decided to do the ‘months like...’ series from now on like this. But never again on black paper, gosh! This time it was a good choice – obvs couse the chalkboard thing – but you cannot imagine the pain with the kerning!


adatok 009

Especially if you are a freak like me who sneezes twenty-six times in a row so you choose to resist sneezing at all which is supposedly really not good for your brain.


mesebolt 008

I think you get which one is that.
Also I miss the scanner so badly! :S


chips 007

I was wondering for a while how could I draw God in my CHIPS segment. Since I decided at the beginning to make these drawings more naturalistic the only way was to draw a Bible, but that's boring, nah.

Actually I decided that I won't be drawing every one of them that way. I already did one in a more fun way. So it's going to be either something naturalistic or something really different. The main thing is that they won't be anything like the other 3 days' drawings.

mesebolt 007

A lovely short story from the Brothers Grimm: Mother Trudy (hungarian title: Boszorák).


fabula 007

Unfortunately Borbolya took that letter away so we never knew the real reason she left. We thought she went somewhere else to give birth to their kittens then decided to stay there.


chips 006

And now I present thee:
my dog

Oh, he's a lovely beast! And clever and nice and fun and just awesome. He's a mixed breed and from the look I assume a dachshund met a corgi which is like the best combination, isn't it! He's almost 7 years old but he's like a puppy sometimes. Other times a wise mature dog that he is. And he's one of the good things in my life hence the drawing.


mesebolt 006 + Happy Hangeul Day!

And for this occasion it's not an actual tale today but a fact in a tale style (bit of a Hungarian Folk Tales ripoff I know)

‘Because the speech of this country is different from that of China, it  does not match the [Chinese] letters. Therefore, even if the ignorant want to communicate, many of them in the end cannot state their concerns. Saddened by this, I have 28 letters newly made. It is my wish that all the people may easily learn these letters and that be convenient for daily use.’
(Sejong the Great)

I'm really impressed by both the letters and King Sejong's reign, and actually if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be studying Korean rigth now. For more about the subject of hangeul see this or in case of TLDR watch Tree With Deep Roots which is almost entirely fiction but anyways it's fun.

* the Korean kingdom's name at the time


adatok 006

There is more of these jolly folks but they couldn't make it to the photoshoot.

This art on a mug or phonecase


fabula 006

I'm not even surprised anyomre when cats enjoy English literature in original language, but noticing that saying Korean sentences out loud catches our rooster's attention all the time was too much even for me. Who were they in their previous lives? And more importantly, which foreign language does my dog speak?


chips 005

That's what I mean when I say ‘Poorly Systemized’. Week five: mom. Not an order of importance.



mesebolt 005

Illustration for The Three Feathers from the collection of the Brothers Grimm

If I ever had the chance to make illustrations to it, actually to make a book which contains this tale, and I was free about it, I would totally do it that way. And the other ones. I'd just like to make a book like that with various fairytales.


adatok 005

Many people ask why I never draw/talk about my father. So now I do, be happy.

The answer to your question is yes. You are allowed to think that I'm the worst person ever.


chips 004 – The King Of Vocab

AKA I'm bragging again

Since I was a lazy scamp didn't had the time to do anything for today's C.H.I.P.S., let it be the thing that made me excited for the past few weeks: my drawings have been chosen to be featured in Talk To Me In Korean's
My Weekly Korean Vocabulary – Book2 as well!

I won't say more, check them out here!


How's that for a Celebrating Heaven-sent Items Poorly Systemized?!


adatok 004

You might wonder 'she's locked up with a child why isn't she screaming?' But she's Leila whom I promised not to be afraid of her and so far I'm doing well…


fabula 004

Oh, that Borbolya! Wasn't she a shy little piece of adorableness when she was a kitten?


chips 003

Oh yes, Korean dramas! This is how it all started, with a Korean drama, then Korean letters, then Korean language, then Korean pop, then Korean everything.

Korean dramas, they make my life a lot nicer, and what would be better to represent them than a scene about watching dramas from my current favourite drama which is about making dramas. Very meta indeed.

If you are interested in Korean dramas, you can read more about my top5 in this blogpost.


mesebolt 003

Here have some lovely tale from the collection of the Grimm brothers: an evil stepmother chopped her stepson's head off with the top of an apple chest, then tricked her daughter into thinking that actually she killed him by slapping him hard. But not before his head fell among a great amount of shiny sweet apples.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!


I'm a free elf!

So as you could see in yesterday's drawing, I'm not working at Jászkürt Újság anymore. Still, I'm gonna keep wednesdays as no-drawings-days, because of reasons.

Enjoy crappy quality Harry Potter gif!


adatok 003

So here you go now you know. Then again, one with depression and the other is a psychopath, it could have never worked.

Not that I'd change the name of this segment though. It's just too cool, plus it was one hell of a work to create its banner.


fabula 003

Here we are in week #3 (ehm.. please don't check!) of our wonderful new projects.

Actually from now on expect a bit (a lot) crappier quality since I no longer have access to a good scanner. (I have a paperweight though which is called scanner if you're interested in buying such things.)

As for the origins of these names they are the Hungarian names of the main characters of Czechoslovakian animation Pásli ovce Valaši.


chips 002


This time I wanted to do something different, so I made a pattern of the names of some of the bands and K-pop idols I like.

Game: The first person who can name all of them in the comment section here or on the facebook page I'll reward with a drawing (my style) of them with their favourite K-pop band/idol. (As if there was anyone here who likes K-pop…)


mesebolt 002

Funny I chose this one last week by accident. This is an illustration for a fairytale about a soldier who gets unfairly kicked out of the army then gets back on his former boss, the king by the help of some magic lamp goblin. What you can see above is his cruel, cruel revenge: making the princess clean his boots at nights.


It's wednesday AKA no drawings day

So let's just use this opportunity to say this:

Praise the Lord!

...and God bless the CEO!

그리고 guess what!


adatok 002

Well don't have to worry about that now. Some dirty scam (eheom...) thought he should fire me and at the same time trash me forever with some fat lies. Like he always does.


August was like…

Don't study too many things. The more you know the more you will be used. Watch Korean dramas instead!


Introducing... C. H. I. P. S.!

That is...

Celebrating Heaven-sent Items Poorly Systemized

OK, I need to explain this weird abbreviation. To put it simlpe on fridays – to finish the week with positive thoughts – I'll post about good things in life, the things that makes it worth to put up with all the shit life throws at you. And what would be a better abbreviation!

Don't expect it to be a list in a precise order of importance though. I'll draw them as I wish. I'm planning on doing these a more realistic way than usual, because I'm starting to forget drawing like that.
(first drawing after the break)


Itroducing… M. E. S. E. B. O. L. T.!

That is...

Making Everyone See Enchanted Books Of Lovely Tales

If you haven't noticed yet, I had come up with what might seem some quite dumb names. But in fact they work very well in Hungarian (the abbreviations) and a bit in English (the long versions) as well. So that they speak to all my followers! 
(first drawing after the break)


Introducing... wednesdays

On which days I'll post absolutely nothing. Except for those newspapers I'm working on till late night.


Introducing... A. D. A. T. O. K.!

That is...

Average Days At The Office Kitchen

On tuesdays I will post the usual daily drawings. Which lately contain mostly fragments from the office kitchen. Yay for coffe, gossip and cursing the boss! I don't say though that these will be only job-related. Sometimes, only sometimes, I have other things in my... life?...

(first drawing after the break)


Introducing... F.A.B.U.L.A.!

That is...

Fascinating Adventures By Unashamed Lazy Animals

I wanted to start the weeks with something light and what could be better than cats... maybe dogs sometimes. Or chicken. My pets (which are truly unashamedly lazy) were already featured in a lot of my daily drawings (see also: cat and Zsebi) so it only made sense to give them a regular segment.

(first drawing after the break)


New projects next week

That is I'll introduce the new projects with the first drawings starting tomorrow!

I prepared a new sketchbook for it which has different kind of papers in it, so I'll be forced to use different techuniques.