(I know. Cheap. But it was hard to think out two whole week of daily drawings  subsequently.)




Time has come to post the first “follower-drawing” (I mean, the good version of it, not those lame photos I've already posted). If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at the sidebar on the right. In short, I draw a dailydrawing featuring anyone who follow me publicly.

My very first follower (and sorry Meli, but I have evidence for this) was Tamás Asztalos. If you follow my 365IP from the beginning, you already know some things about him, like at his name even Photoshop-demons obey, or that being able once to follow his lesson was one of my greatest success in life.

He teaches us all those digital stuff (you know, like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and stuff like that) and some typography as well (or at least he does his best trying to… my classmates are just not that into the whole idea of becoming weird, isolated typofreaks, you know). Besides all this, he is the IT system admin at the school, and he did a pretty good job surviving until now. In fact, he takes stress so well (like staying super-kind and -helpful to everyone 24/7, smiling all day, never hitting any of the school's MACs with an axe…) that some of my friends suggested that he either is a dedicated believer christian – kinda like Mother Theresa or something – or he is doing drugs. 

But seriously, he is one of my favourite teachers, and I'm not alone with this opinion.

Now that I've done everything to upgrade my nerd/geek status to a whole new level, and also to improve my grades (right?… right?… ehm…), there's only one thing left to say:

follow me, and I'll write nice things about you too!



I was extremely hungry, okay? But you know this type, right? Wanting to know everything, buying a little (or big amount) of everything and jovially chatting with the seller – while everyone else is looking at their watch and sighing meaningfully.


…for being interested is the first step twards obsession. 



Sorry for all of those who love this song… I was going to use a less offensive Hungarian word, but couldn't find the English equivalent of it.  



By the way. Have you ever noticed that there is no night bus without someone starting to sing the
Duck Sauce's
“Barbra Streisand”


Ever heard the phrase “Men can think of only one thing…”? Well, I don't think we should start analyizng who can think of what…


Remember this one? Well, from this day on, the list of my gratitude's subjects expanded with one person: Emese. You might remember her as one of the main characters from Miramax film “Installing Adobe Creative Suite”, but it seems she's pretty good at saving graphic artists from killing themeselves as well.



This  idea came from my dear Susi, who by now definitely earned the title: my most funny friend – at least in linguistic humor she's unbeatable.

I put this on Facebook on Valentine's Day with the following description:
“With 164 christian facebookfriends it's quite an ‘image for effect’. Sooo… if it don't get exactly 164 likes by the end of the day…” 

It didn't. 



Strangely enough, it succeeded very well – even if its kerning is something I won't admit by now to be done by me. And I'm so thankful for Rich's extremely lovely manner by which he is always able to calm me down, and by which he asks every little thing like it was the biggest favor he could've ever asked for. And I was extremely thankful for our teacher as well, who – as it turned out – has done a pretty good job explaining us everything that is important, although I wasn't able to apprehend a word of it at his lessons. But seriously, this notebook I use at those lessons is something I'd never give out of my hands for anything in the world. It proved to be a very useful tool.


But I have to mark here, our teacher would never be late. At least not comparing to our average 30-45 minute lateness. Seriously, how does the school expect us to do anything effective before 11 am? Who is nasty enough to be awake at such an early time as 10 o'clock???


But I have to mark here, that of course Anikó would never do such horrible thing as skipping school, do not even mention convincing others <cough> me <cough> as well to do so.



Remember the famous sentence from Black Cat, White Cat: “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” I'll spend a little time on it, because after this significant day you gonna see “The Book” in several drawings.

Hungarian typographers and simple typofreaks agree two things about it:
#1 its cover is bad as can be
#2 this is The Ultimate Textbook about typography.

It is as true that anyone who has not read it, face a shameful exclusion from typographer society, and even graphic artists who do not at least nod approvingly when mentioned, are considered lame amateurs. Indeed, this book is the best Hungarian book ever written on typography, even if it's more than 10 years old. Also, it is so well edited, that noone can put it down without becoming at least a little bit typofreak. This truth is so well proven, that even you, who follow my blog, will be conviced about it after seeing all my February and March dailydrawings.



This new digital world is crazy, right? All this social media-stuff... You see, every time when the birthday comes of someone I've already wished happy birthday to, I mean, in person, it makes me think of the following question...

(And yepp, I posted this on Facebook. On his birthday. This new digital world is crazy.) 


OK. I'm gonna let you know what it's all about. But only if you promise you won't say I'm childish. My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic is very popular amongst adults as well, okay?! So the episode that made me draw this piece of artwork is this: MLP FIM Season 1 Episode 11 – Winter Wrap Up






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