Other drawings of mine

Part 6 – Caricatures

It's been 2 months since I promised to post the remaining 365IPs and 2 weeks since my last alibi-post. Fair enough to loose even my most persistent followers. But in case there's still anyone out there to check out this blog sometimes, here goes the next chapter of my “other drawings” series.

This time it's not something I've done for school, these are done for friends and there are some fanart too (except sometimes it's hard to decide which is which)It all started by one request and then – all of a sudden – I found myself doing these sort of drawings on an assembly line.

Here are a few examples:

singer-songwriter, facebook-buddy Tristan Clopet

my DJ and professional percussionist friend Rich Chwastiak

Jon Cozart (oh, come on, if you don't know who he is...) 

 ... annd my cousin (not hard to tell what he's famous for ;) 

If you liked them don't miss my Behance project! I have some more there.


Other drawings of mine

Part 5 –Illustration of type

At school we got the task to illustrate letters. Simple things, like draw a brush that paints a "B", or a lawn mower cutting an "L" from the grass (get it? B-rush; L-awnmower)... Since I thought it's kinda lame, I decided to add a little plus to the task, so I illustrated not only letters, but certain typefaces. (I did the task in Hungarian, so the alliteration thing won't work in English, but whatever, that's not the point.)

 1. Comic Sans + cuki cica (cute kitten)

 2.Shelley Script + eSküvő (wedding)
(As my teacher said: "Don't even think of using this font for wedding invitations, unless you want to boast with the fact that yours is the 230 millionth one today made with this font.")

3. Gill Sans + grotesque

4. All right, that's a tough one. I can't translate it, primarily because I don't know the word for this type of shoe in English (if there is); and secondly because I'm not sure it would mean the same for everyone... Anyway here it is for the Hungarians:

"A Times New Roman a tipográfia makkoscipője" (Gerhes Gábor)


Other drawings of mine

Part 4 – Opposites

A school task again: we had to make illustrations in the theme: “dependent vs. independent”. That's what I came up with:

 love, dependent of reciprocity

love, independent of reciprocity

As for 365IPs, don't worry, you won't have to wait now more than one month... And I already started a new project, so get ready for some new stuff! Until then,

enjoy summer!


Other drawings of mine

Part 3 – Characters

At school we got the task to choose two characters of a list given by the teacher and imagine and illustrate some aspects of their life such as what does their bed and its environment look like, who are their friends and where do they usually meet, what kind of pets do they own and how do they keep them and finally, what is their most typical property? It was recommended to make every picture by a different technique. Now I'm gonna present you some of the pictures I've done. The characters I've chosen: a goth high-school student girl and a 34-year-old manicurist girl.

friends of the gothic girl
(By the way this picture was also used in our local newspaper as an illustration to an article I wrote about the partying facilities of the youth. I even made some old ladies in town very upset, since they thought that it is a photo. NC.)

... and her pet...

... and her most typical property.

The most typical property of the manicurist girl...

... and her bed.

For more works of this  project check out:


Other drawings of mine

 Part 2 – Cute monsters

Remember when I had this homework, this “create 5 pages of monsters” sort of stuf?… Well in spite of my persistent procrastination, I managed to complete the task resulting in 3 creatures, and a few drawings about them. Now I'll show you some, just to have a taste of it.

For more cute monsters, click on the picture below:

Other drawings of mine – as promised

Part 1 – Sketches 

So given the current situation, I decided to take some “summer break” on my blog, until the day I'll be able to post the first drawing of June. (Which is, don't ask when will happen.) I don't even have many visitors right now since 90% of my friends have gone to a camp near Lake Balaton where they don't even have time to post their moods on Facebook, let alone checking out their friends' statuses.

But as for my most dedicated visitors, who are still with me, I don't want to loose You, neither do I want You to feel marginalized. So I'll post some other drawings of mine, so that you'd know what I'm up to besides 365IP. If you're interested.

This time I give you an insight into one of my sketchbooks. I use this one particularly to do drawings only by a single pen (okay, sometimes with some additional colours) with no correction at all. That is pretty hard to me since I do everything – seriously, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. – first with a pen, then I outline them with a black pen, then goes the rubber, then the colors, and a final strenghtening of the strokes. That's how 365IPs are done, and that's how I do every other drawings of mine since the fist day I was able to hold a pencil. Therefore, I decided to fill this sketchbook with drawings done in a completely different way, without any correction. The models were mostly my friends' Facebook pictures and some family photos I found at home. Here are some examples:

 my great-grandma

a friend of mine and her boyfriend

the model of this was a wonderful drawing from Katie So

I hope you enjoyed it. For more check out:

Stay with me, I'll be back soon with another stuff.