About me

Welcome to my site! 

My name is Eliza Mária S. I'm a beginner graphic designer in Hungary. What is a graphic designer you might ask. Well, let me show you by a little chart I put together.

Very accurate. Now what you can find here is the last one. I'm doing various illustration projects to avoid going completely mad. Sometimes I also post here some other works I did. Enjoy and feel free to share, as long as you credit me – name, website. (No modifications or commercial use though please.)

More me:
my tumblr (basically Doctor Who)
my Behance (my fancypants site for my fancypants works)
my Deviantart (what I wouldn't show my fancypants customers-to-be)
my issuu page (mainly school stuff, but you can turn them like a book)
Entrusted Property on Facebook (like me, like me, say that you like me!)
stuff I do when I'm at work (right now at least...)
my former school (it's Eliza approved)