You've already heard of my BFF, Enikő. You could have seen a lot of drawings featuring her, but you probably do not know that she has a brilliant page called
It is a blog where she uploads pictures of all those yummy cakes and cookies she made and to some of them she adds recipes as well. And believe me, she is a pretty damn brilliant cook.

Now when I was thinking of baking something for an upcoming event (picture the day after tomorrow) and also for someone I'm very thankful to, it wasn't even a question who do I ask for a cool recipe. And I wasn't disappointed, it was a wonderful stuff indeed. Something that is delicious, but also easy to make. And it could have been a quick job… if I wasn't stupid enough to run to the shop for supplies three times during the process.

Go have a check and show her some love: http://enikesutivilaga.blogspot.hu/ 
(Right now the recipes are available only in Hungarian, but fortunately pictures are international, aren't they! :)

Hungarian translation:
Valami olyasmit mondtál, hogy „gyorsan elkészíthető”…

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