Yes, I have a  cute little booklet with my story. Yes, it has been printed in 250 copies, from which I gladly give one to any of you who asks for it. Well, as soon as you hit the “join this site” button in my blog… ;)

Since it's a part of a series, I had no voice in its typography, design or anything connected with its look. So shouldn't have been a big thing for me to recognise those typical lowercase “a” characters, then the “e”-s, then the “c”-s, etc…? I thought at least Eszti will understand…


Remember this one? Well you can't say God is not righteous.


… and YES, well guessed! A really special hat!




So yes. Rich Chwastiak AKA “the WIG” is following my blog! Old followers of my 365IP know who I'm talking about, but knowing that a lot of people just joined I take some time to speak about him.

For his friendship I can thank Tristan Clopet and his youtube channel which I've found accidentally. Rich plays in his band called Tristan Clopet and the Juice, and that's briefly how I became aquinted with him.

But he's not only playing in TC&J, but in fact, he's a professional percussionist, who graduated at the New England Conservatory a year ago. Cool, huh? :) And – besides being a traditional percussionist (btw, the thing you can see on my drawing worth a watch too) – he's also an internationally touring NY-based DJ and electro-percussionist with the name “the WIG” (and if you think of his original name, you can understand…)

During this half year since I know him, I've done him a lot of drawings and stuff which you can check out on his FB-fanpage, youtube channel, and soundcloud page as well, but you can find some in my behance portfolio too.

So... yeah. I have a famous celebrity follower! What do you say about that?! :D


Have I ever mentioned that I have a great tendency to dream with stupid stuff – such as shapes, lines, colors, and so on, everything that proves that I have no life lately. After becoming a typofreak I even started to dream with letters and kerning and such loveley things – causing a not negligible amount of pride to my teacher, and a not negligible amount of fright to myself. But guys, seriously, nothing's more horrific than a dream with vector drawings! Trust me on this one! 


Remember what I've written about follower #12? That I don't know her and stuff? Well... the thing is...

Of course she did not react like this, because she's super cute (and maybe even she forgot) but guys, seriously, forgetting people you've met is not a nice thing. :)  


OK, this discussion never really happened, or at least not with someone else, but in fact I discussed it with myself before deciding what to wear that day… Gosh, I really do not have a life, have I?…




Guys, let me introduce Mónika, the… (drumroll please)…  10th follower of my page!

Who I also haven't met yet but know her through a detailed list about her given by Vikky again… In which this one thing was particularly interesting for me… And you know, 10, it's a milestone, let's celebrate it, and let's be generous…


When I started this whole “follow me and I'll reward you” thing (in other words when I started cheating) I only thought of it as a good way to motivate my friends. But that people I don't even know will start to follow me this soon – I didn't hope for that! :)

The 9th follower of my site is Zita, alias “Mangóó”, who I had not the opportunity to know personally – until now. But thanks to Vikky, she got to know me and
Entrustedproperty, and she thought it's worth following. Well, I'm really thankful for that – to her and Vikky too –, but how to draw a personalized drawing now? Well thanks to Vikky's detailed description about her, it wasn't a problem. When I've read it, I just knew what should I draw.

(If you're wondering, what's that black-white something with weird/ugly yellow something in Zita's hand, well. That's what the cover of Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games look like in 365IP-world. Yepp. Things look here differently. Welcome my dear to my world.)  


You know the feeling when you say “If only it was my idea!” But it's not, and it's so tempting not to inform others about it… but you simply can't.

That's exactly the case with today's dailydrawing. The original idea of the whole scene – waiting in some moderately nice dress for the fictional man of your dreams, with a ton of cupcakes and a huge welcome-banner – well, I have to admit, it is not my invention. Applause for the – I think brilliant – artwork of “Stay for Lunch?” (yhea, that's a name):

Still, you know... Darcy is way too mainstream.


Have you ever noticed that the best ideas come when you have something important to finish urgently and you don't even have time to eat, sleep or even for such luxury businesses as to go to the toilet in fact? But that's exactly the time when ideas like inventing a new gadget that can detect keys in the house; painting the best picture of your life of a fat cat that plays bagpipe on the top of the Tower Bridge; or making sculptures of scissors and forks… so that's the time when these kind of ideas come to your mind, and you can't figure it out where did they come from.

Like seriously, when you have your time, maybe even a reason to be creative, when you have to, or even when you just feel like… creating something, it's horrible. You start searching in your head and it is empty. You look at the left – nothing. Look at the right – nothing. You might even scream out a “Hellooo!” – but no response. And that is the time when you come to the realisation that you were so stupid to think you have something – anything! – to do with arts and decide to find a nice rope and see the attic…

But seriously, where do these brilliant ideas come then, when you have no time for them? I'll tell you where.

And yes, I really did it. If you are really-reeally open-eyed you even might have noticed it in yesterday's drawing. Well, just as I told you, in 365IP world things work differently.

But seriously, I have a humanist lowercase “e” earring – a Centaur, fyi – in real life too. Believe me!


My 8th follower happened to be Vikky, a good friend, who – though I mainly had the chance to contact with via Facebook – I had great conversations with since the 2 years we've known each other.

If you get to know only two things about her it must be that

she loves Sailor Moon (well… she loves all japanese animes in general, still, the utmost is unquestionably SM)
she has a perverse affection to digital art (which, if you ask me, is from the Devil, as all things that is digital) – as much that she not only enjoys it, but loves to create stuff as well, which you can check out in her deviantart page.

So with that in mind, I think she will enjoy the following one (because frankly, if she doesn't like this, I don't know what does she) 

Related work: 01/24/2012 


Do you know this type? The teachers's favourite? Those annoying eggheads students, who always serves as a good reference for the teacher comparing other students and saying sentences like: “Well done, very well done, X. At least there's someone who has read the book I recommended!” …or “You think it's too much? Well, then how could X make it?” and so on. They're the ones, who always do their homeworks, always read the required readings. They have no life at all, their best buddy at school is the teacher, whom they look up to as to a saint. They nod approvingly to every word the teacher says and can't even think of not to pay attention during class. Discussing the deficiencies of the lesson in front of them is the worst idea, and yes, they are the ones who get beaten up by their classmates after school.

The final, most serious phase of being “teacher's favourite” is, when they start to borrow books from the teacher. That is the irrevocable proof that they seceded from normal student community for good.

So even though most of these are not true for me, after being called a nerd and then realizing that I'm about to borrow a book from a teacher seemed kinda scary at first. But seriously, won't you be extremely excited to read the sentences written by noone else but Eric Gill himself?! (Am I being a typofreak again?…) Then again, there is a great difference between teacher and teacher, okay?…


Do you remember the rightly popular Spinster Club? Well apparently not spinsters are the only group that must face isolation. But who cares until we have our little freak-clubs, right?

It has been said though, that maybe it's not representing the people in this picture well enough. It has been said, that it's too feminine, as much that the gentleman on the right look like a “typo-gay”. Though I just can't understand why in the world do people assume it, it is not right to do so. Another picture must have been made, a more masculine one. So here you go:

“… Titles of course can be written only using capital letters. There are certain typefaces though, which are unsuitable for this form of use, since they're illegible that way, so it is highly prohibited. These are the gothic typefaces…”
(The Book and my poor translation)

* I must mark here for the sake of truthfulness and for all who know Eszti, that she never said anything suggesting the execution of anyone, neither is she the member of the mafia, not even the TypoFreak mafia, and she never ever killed anyone. Thank you for your understanding. 


Why, can't all drawings be funny. Since it's about my life or what!…


This follower-drawing goes to Dorka, who I met one and a half year ago at a student retreat. And as you can see: though we don't exactly speak the same language, we always can express our feelings for each other perfectly. :)


True story...



A new follower-drawing again. This time it's for Eni, my best friend, who I know since elementary school. That's a history, eh? And on Saturday she came over, to discuss new stuff happened in our lifes lately. Being an isolated freak, the things I could report were mainly drawings, and being a typofreak… well… yes.


This is the 4th follower-drawing I made. It was done for Eszti, whose follow is more than worthy, because it was done "against her better judgement".

About her, well, what could I say? Those of you who followed me continuously, probably know her better than I could say anything new. Yes, she's the girl with the long, red, vavy hair from all those pictures. Clearly, she was featured in more drawings than anyone but The Book. And even if they weren't enough for you to know her, let this drawing speak instead of me, about which event she said: “Noone… ever… ever in life summed up better my personalty in a single word.” 

Finally, what else could I say, than she is one of my closest friends, for which I'm even more thankful than for her following.


Yepp! That's exactly what happened!


My third follower was also a Transylvanian  girl, Adél, who I also met at Speak Out. We were at the same Bible-study group, where I had the opportunity to know her better by all those discussions we had at the group. Well, she might be the first follower about who I won't mention nonstop smiling, all the more her honesty, mature thinking and artistic sense – she is very good at writing: capturing thoughts, moods and situations. And a good sense of humor. As you can see. :)

As for Nutmouse, you can read about it/her more at the first appearance of this drawing.


Let me introduce Melinda, the second follower of my site. Who, when told me she has followed my blog, I couldn't see amongst my followers. Fortunately, I have a lie detector, and it proved to be the truth… well at least after her name appeared in the follower-section.

Those of you who follow my 365IP from the beginning could have seen her in a November dailydrawing as one of the people I skype with. As it appears in that drawing as well, we're not living in the same country. She is from Transylvania (it's a part of Romania which used to be part of Hungary in fact, so a lot of Hungarians live there), and now she's living in the UK. I've met her two years ago at Speak Out english camp, when we were both on staff. We became friends and – though it's not easy to keep in touch – our friendship remained ever since.

If you got to know only one thing about her, it must be her big smile. Seriously, this girl is always smiling! Like seriously, 24/7 (OK, I'm not exaggerating, and it's not a thing I write about every follower, pinkie pie swear!) And it's not just a little smile, like a modest Mona Lisa-style, no, it's a big, ear-to-ear smile! She told me once that even as a one-year-old she did not cry, but always laughed instead. There's only one case written in the family cronicle, when she cryed. She was brought to the hospital immediately.



Maybe you remember that last month I've posted a photo of this as a sneak peek. At least Eszti's mom does remember, because she wasn't very happy that I made “365IP Eszti” say this… I guess, declaring publicly, that this sentence was never said (out loud) by Eszti (although it could have been in fact) will make her pleased enought not to insist on deleting it.

Yepp, awesome jokes come from me.
Now you know.


I haven't written much yet about our little class at school. There are only girls. 7 girls – when it's at its full. Now, you can imagine for yoursself what our last lesson on saturdays look like. Or more, what it sounds like…


Ever seen Lost In Austen? Well, you should. Just sayin'… 



new posts coming soon....

I'm at school on Fridays and Saturdays, so no posts until Sunday, but get ready for Sunday Special for follower 12th, and the long-awaited big pack of February daily-drawings. It gonna be legen... wait for it... I mean marvellous, really.

Until that...



Whoa, whoa, whoa! 4 new followers in a day!

Whoa! 4 new follower in a day! I've never hoped for that! It's getting hard to even follow! (I mean for me. To follow who's following me. Oh... I told you it's complicated!)

But let's see it one by one.

First of all, the 12th follower is Anikó (seriously, Vikky, what do you want? After sending all of your friends to my site you deserve something, really. Another drawing maybe? A bar of chocolate? Or a giant Sailor Moon poster in 365IP world? :D But seriously, thank you! :) So, of what I'm sure is that I'm gonna make a drawing for Anikó on Sunday.

As for my newest followers – who I do not know personally, but neither does Vikky – first of all: thank you all! Now those of you, who wants to get their well-deserved daily drawing should send me a message about it and a few words about themselves (also, a picture would be useful as well, if they want to appear on the drawing. If not, it's not necessary). But I think, the easiest is if you friend me on Facebook.


Just finished a ton of daily drawing. No big deal.

Ahh, finally! Yesterday I managed to finish all deferred daily drawings... of February! Gosh, I'll never let it become so out of control! Just skip one week and you'll never be able to catch up with yourself. And don't mention March please, those drawings are still waiting for me in the backyard with a shovel in their hands so that they can beat me up properly whenever I'm ready to fight them.

But, for now, let's speak about more pleasant issues, that is: February's done, and ready to show up in my blog -- well, as soon as I'll be able to scan them, which is... in about two weeks... But stay tuned, because I already have some to post, and with those and some sneak peeks hopefully I can keep you interested for that time... right?... right?...

Have a nice day and check back soon!


Drawing for my 3rd follower

Here's the daily drawing featuring my third follower, Adél, to whom - as you can see - I'm really thankful, just like to my other two followers. I hope this motivates you too to push the "join this site" button until I achieve my 1000th follower, because after that, you know, my gratitude will probably decrease a little bit...

(as you might notice it's just a lame photo of the drawing, so wait for the perfect version coming soon)

As for "Nutmouse"... You might have heard about it from me, or if not, you're about to. The Nutmouse is... kinda a model for me in a sense, something I really dig and also I look up to. Like Entrustedproperty, it is a visual diary, done by Eszter Kapitány a Hungary-based graphic designer and illustrator, who started her career at Buda Drawing School just like me. You see, I'm kinda similar to her, but without the whole applying to MOME, graduating from it, then attending to highly rated artschools abroad, and becoming a fantastic professional graphic artist thing.

So her page is kinda model for mine - though I started doing 365IP some months before she started hers (or before I've even heard about it), but the whole idea of making a blog for it came from seeing hers. I really like her style too, but - as you might have noticed, don't want to copy it in any sense though.

So in the spirit of diversity, I highly recommend you the blog 75% of which following rate I managed to gain .... or... shoot. I just ruined this by hitting the follow button at her page. :)


Be my follower!

Be one of the first official followers of my blog! It's free. Besides, you can tell later when I'm super-popular, that you've been there from the beginning.

But if it's not enough, I'll grant you a personal dailydrawing featuring you. For you. With love. By me. Deal?

See how my first two followers' drawings turned out (you'll see the final version of them amongst the next two months' works - which are soon to be posted)