New Year greetings


Merry Christmas!

… and that would do for most of my followers, I guess. :) (I hope I got the Polish and the Chinese special characters right. I’d really hate if I ended up wishing “Happy Chickensoup” or something like that.)

featuring: the brilliant and always dashing Tenth Doctor and the also brilliantly dashing Susi Poppins Steier, BGFF of mine.


New freebie

So. Yes. New piece from the Great Entrustedproperty Seasons Facebook Cover Series. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.



So (by the way how lame it is that I start almost every post with a “so” and end them with a “well...”? It's like I'm from the twin planet of ChanTho's) I basically did everything the 365 Illustration Project had. It is done. I even did the alldrawingsinonepicture thing, the heymypicturesareusedinchina thing, the only thing I didn't do is to sell some swimsuits with my characters (which I'm willing to do if you wish).

Time has come for a fresh start. Which means, from now on I'm not the 365IP-girl, but the 30DW-whovian. Well, I admit, I'll have to work on that title. Nevertheless!

Now don't feel marginalized, but – unlike 365IP – I'm gonna post this drawing project only on tumblr (and deviantART if you – for some weird reason – prefer that). So if you're interested in it at least a bit, start memorizing this url:

(Now you can't say I made it difficult.) I'm not saying it's the end of my blog on blogger, let's just put it this way: I switch to the another one for a short period and let's see if there's a reason I post here something later.

OK, now I'm working very hard to make “well” my last word, but it's just not happening. Well...


They teach me in China

Yes, it is true. You might remember my BGFF, Susi, who had been teaching English for kids in a fancy language school in China for one year. She loved to try out new and creative teaching methods – some of these they still use – and in that she went so far as to use drawings from blogs that are blocked there and make Chinese kids write new subtitles on them. One day I got these from her...


Byebye Bear

Annd basically we're done. I've drawn and posted all the 365 illustrations. Count it if you don't believe me. You can do it now. It's all posted here. Or maybe just take some time to revisit (or visit the first time) the old ones from the beginning, if you'd like.

 Now I'll take a little pause, about a week, and after that I'm back with my next project. I'm not sure if I'm gonna post them here as well or just on my tumblr, but either way, I'm gonna keep you updated about it.


faithful followers get treat

... and basically everyone who sees this post. So here's the deal.

I'm very thankful to all of you who support me by liking, sharing, commenting on my work, or even just visiting my site regularly. So I decided to make something to my fans for that occasion.


Other drawings of mine

Part 7 – Characters for a tale

A half year ago a friend of mine asked me to do some illustrations to a tale her daughter – and my namesake – Lizi is writing. These are the characters I did:

Iza the horse
Similarily to my friend Iza, this mare is rather a cool girl, but also very friendly.

Bolondos Blanka (Blanka the Foolish)
She's inspired by a cuddly toy bunny of young writer Lizi.

Lelemény (Ingenuity), the cat
Inspired by their family cat, Lelemény loves to eat, loves to sleep, and very kind to everyone.

That's it for now. Don't worry, now you seriously don't have to wait much more for “the real stuff”, and that's not a vague promise anymore. I have the final date: this Friday I'm gonna go to the school, SO that means I'm gonna be able to finally scan june drawings. New post hopefully the same day. Whatch out!


Other drawings of mine

Part 6 – Caricatures

It's been 2 months since I promised to post the remaining 365IPs and 2 weeks since my last alibi-post. Fair enough to loose even my most persistent followers. But in case there's still anyone out there to check out this blog sometimes, here goes the next chapter of my “other drawings” series.

This time it's not something I've done for school, these are done for friends and there are some fanart too (except sometimes it's hard to decide which is which)It all started by one request and then – all of a sudden – I found myself doing these sort of drawings on an assembly line.

Here are a few examples:

singer-songwriter, facebook-buddy Tristan Clopet

my DJ and professional percussionist friend Rich Chwastiak

Jon Cozart (oh, come on, if you don't know who he is...) 

 ... annd my cousin (not hard to tell what he's famous for ;) 

If you liked them don't miss my Behance project! I have some more there.


Other drawings of mine

Part 5 –Illustration of type

At school we got the task to illustrate letters. Simple things, like draw a brush that paints a "B", or a lawn mower cutting an "L" from the grass (get it? B-rush; L-awnmower)... Since I thought it's kinda lame, I decided to add a little plus to the task, so I illustrated not only letters, but certain typefaces. (I did the task in Hungarian, so the alliteration thing won't work in English, but whatever, that's not the point.)

 1. Comic Sans + cuki cica (cute kitten)

 2.Shelley Script + eSküvő (wedding)
(As my teacher said: "Don't even think of using this font for wedding invitations, unless you want to boast with the fact that yours is the 230 millionth one today made with this font.")

3. Gill Sans + grotesque

4. All right, that's a tough one. I can't translate it, primarily because I don't know the word for this type of shoe in English (if there is); and secondly because I'm not sure it would mean the same for everyone... Anyway here it is for the Hungarians:

"A Times New Roman a tipográfia makkoscipője" (Gerhes Gábor)


Other drawings of mine

Part 4 – Opposites

A school task again: we had to make illustrations in the theme: “dependent vs. independent”. That's what I came up with:

 love, dependent of reciprocity

love, independent of reciprocity

As for 365IPs, don't worry, you won't have to wait now more than one month... And I already started a new project, so get ready for some new stuff! Until then,

enjoy summer!


Other drawings of mine

Part 3 – Characters

At school we got the task to choose two characters of a list given by the teacher and imagine and illustrate some aspects of their life such as what does their bed and its environment look like, who are their friends and where do they usually meet, what kind of pets do they own and how do they keep them and finally, what is their most typical property? It was recommended to make every picture by a different technique. Now I'm gonna present you some of the pictures I've done. The characters I've chosen: a goth high-school student girl and a 34-year-old manicurist girl.

friends of the gothic girl
(By the way this picture was also used in our local newspaper as an illustration to an article I wrote about the partying facilities of the youth. I even made some old ladies in town very upset, since they thought that it is a photo. NC.)

... and her pet...

... and her most typical property.

The most typical property of the manicurist girl...

... and her bed.

For more works of this  project check out:


Other drawings of mine

 Part 2 – Cute monsters

Remember when I had this homework, this “create 5 pages of monsters” sort of stuf?… Well in spite of my persistent procrastination, I managed to complete the task resulting in 3 creatures, and a few drawings about them. Now I'll show you some, just to have a taste of it.

For more cute monsters, click on the picture below:

Other drawings of mine – as promised

Part 1 – Sketches 

So given the current situation, I decided to take some “summer break” on my blog, until the day I'll be able to post the first drawing of June. (Which is, don't ask when will happen.) I don't even have many visitors right now since 90% of my friends have gone to a camp near Lake Balaton where they don't even have time to post their moods on Facebook, let alone checking out their friends' statuses.

But as for my most dedicated visitors, who are still with me, I don't want to loose You, neither do I want You to feel marginalized. So I'll post some other drawings of mine, so that you'd know what I'm up to besides 365IP. If you're interested.

This time I give you an insight into one of my sketchbooks. I use this one particularly to do drawings only by a single pen (okay, sometimes with some additional colours) with no correction at all. That is pretty hard to me since I do everything – seriously, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. – first with a pen, then I outline them with a black pen, then goes the rubber, then the colors, and a final strenghtening of the strokes. That's how 365IPs are done, and that's how I do every other drawings of mine since the fist day I was able to hold a pencil. Therefore, I decided to fill this sketchbook with drawings done in a completely different way, without any correction. The models were mostly my friends' Facebook pictures and some family photos I found at home. Here are some examples:

 my great-grandma

a friend of mine and her boyfriend

the model of this was a wonderful drawing from Katie So

I hope you enjoyed it. For more check out:

Stay with me, I'll be back soon with another stuff.






You remember my posts from the beginning of June? Going jogging with my dog and dying and stuff? We just broke our personal record of running without stopping.



Dogs are lovely, dogs are loyal, and you know what else they are? They are obsessively jealous to other dogs.


Today you're lucky enough to see the third part in a series of me, sitting in the right corner of the picture with the same face thinking about the same stuff... 
First there was this: 02/25/2012
You know what he answered to that question of mine?? Know what??? He said that maybe the Oldstyle fonts are even capable of that.
Then in the summer I got to this conclusion: 06/23/2012
Then – just to make completely clear that I am not normal – there was this:

 ... and thus starts the very last week of me posting 365IPs.


“If the Doctor’s back, if you’ve seen him, then one thing’s for certain. We’re all in danger.” – said the wise man, then died. Yeah, yeah, I know, the Doctor always saves the Earth, sometimes the entire universe itself, and stuff, but still, some people always die in the process. So I’d better not see this box.


So I bet you're wondering: “Am I also stupid, or is it one of those inside jokes again?” Well I don't know about the first one, but you are absolutely right about the latter.

It was a nice sunny day in July when I got into a discussion with a dear aquintance of mine about Em Griffin, Woody Allen movies and stuff like that, and I realized again, how very similar I am to the baby elephant – as they say. It takes a great effort to save anything serious in my mind, but hell, how quickly I can forget all of them! And I'm not just saying “all of them”, I mean all of them.

I was in the middle of complaining about how general knowledge, scientific stuff, culture, history, and basically every serious information is getting out of my head immediately but leaving their little annoying footprints just to make me frustrated, when another serious scientific information hit me by him telling it... Unfortunately I can't remember it, but it had something to do with holograms.




So do you remember this whole freaking out because too many of my Facebook friends got married and I can't find them anymore because they all got new names and abnormally white profile pictures and the next thing you'll see is them with some babies? Well, it never ends!




So yes, that time I had this... sort of... notbeingable-todrawthe-tenthdoctoritis, I admit. But give me some time, and in my nex project you will see that I recovered from it.

Also, I have to emphasize here, that my favourite Doctor is, and has been, and always will be Christopher Eccleston. But be honest, according to the bare statistics, David Tennant's name very likely makes more people come here. And no wonder. I mean, I totally can understand it. He is the hottest guy living right now on the face of the Earth, and that's exactly why he is not my favourite Doctor. But he was a brilliant Doctor, that must be said, great enough to be my second favourite...


I warned you.
Just start watching already!!!

Ps. I truly sat like that in front of the screen for at least 2 minutes silently after the last “WHAT?!?”


He says he didn't say that with such a happy face. Well...

Also, note that – just in case anyone was wondering – I did not cry a sea into my room. But I did feel sad about loosing one of the best teachers I've ever had. And you know what? Ever since he left, life at the artschool just got crazy. Like this one time, we had the replacement of the replacement teacher who replaced the replacement teacher of him. Craaazy.

Ps. He is still there for us as an online helpdesk. Well is he the best or is he the best? Now where the hell has my cat gone...


I said don't ask!


Do you remember Vikky? Sailor Moon-maniac, Deviantart-star, slightly being too closely attached to Photoshop? Yepp, that's her. And this was my birthday present for her on July 8th.