You remember my posts from the beginning of June? Going jogging with my dog and dying and stuff? We just broke our personal record of running without stopping.



Dogs are lovely, dogs are loyal, and you know what else they are? They are obsessively jealous to other dogs.


Today you're lucky enough to see the third part in a series of me, sitting in the right corner of the picture with the same face thinking about the same stuff... 
First there was this: 02/25/2012
You know what he answered to that question of mine?? Know what??? He said that maybe the Oldstyle fonts are even capable of that.
Then in the summer I got to this conclusion: 06/23/2012
Then – just to make completely clear that I am not normal – there was this:

 ... and thus starts the very last week of me posting 365IPs.


“If the Doctor’s back, if you’ve seen him, then one thing’s for certain. We’re all in danger.” – said the wise man, then died. Yeah, yeah, I know, the Doctor always saves the Earth, sometimes the entire universe itself, and stuff, but still, some people always die in the process. So I’d better not see this box.


So I bet you're wondering: “Am I also stupid, or is it one of those inside jokes again?” Well I don't know about the first one, but you are absolutely right about the latter.

It was a nice sunny day in July when I got into a discussion with a dear aquintance of mine about Em Griffin, Woody Allen movies and stuff like that, and I realized again, how very similar I am to the baby elephant – as they say. It takes a great effort to save anything serious in my mind, but hell, how quickly I can forget all of them! And I'm not just saying “all of them”, I mean all of them.

I was in the middle of complaining about how general knowledge, scientific stuff, culture, history, and basically every serious information is getting out of my head immediately but leaving their little annoying footprints just to make me frustrated, when another serious scientific information hit me by him telling it... Unfortunately I can't remember it, but it had something to do with holograms.




So do you remember this whole freaking out because too many of my Facebook friends got married and I can't find them anymore because they all got new names and abnormally white profile pictures and the next thing you'll see is them with some babies? Well, it never ends!




So yes, that time I had this... sort of... notbeingable-todrawthe-tenthdoctoritis, I admit. But give me some time, and in my nex project you will see that I recovered from it.

Also, I have to emphasize here, that my favourite Doctor is, and has been, and always will be Christopher Eccleston. But be honest, according to the bare statistics, David Tennant's name very likely makes more people come here. And no wonder. I mean, I totally can understand it. He is the hottest guy living right now on the face of the Earth, and that's exactly why he is not my favourite Doctor. But he was a brilliant Doctor, that must be said, great enough to be my second favourite...


I warned you.
Just start watching already!!!

Ps. I truly sat like that in front of the screen for at least 2 minutes silently after the last “WHAT?!?”


He says he didn't say that with such a happy face. Well...

Also, note that – just in case anyone was wondering – I did not cry a sea into my room. But I did feel sad about loosing one of the best teachers I've ever had. And you know what? Ever since he left, life at the artschool just got crazy. Like this one time, we had the replacement of the replacement teacher who replaced the replacement teacher of him. Craaazy.

Ps. He is still there for us as an online helpdesk. Well is he the best or is he the best? Now where the hell has my cat gone...


I said don't ask!


Do you remember Vikky? Sailor Moon-maniac, Deviantart-star, slightly being too closely attached to Photoshop? Yepp, that's her. And this was my birthday present for her on July 8th.



Like seriously, ever since Speak Out has started, the majority of my visitors are from Germany. And even considering that one of them is Dusi, using the Internet of a German company in Hungary, it's still a not negligible amount of visitors. Thank you Susi, thank you sandraandwoo (and thank you Google), and 




Today's daily drawing is Doctor Who related. In July I decided to start watching it, and I immediately got hooked on it (which will happen to you as well, if you watch at least one episode, so watch out). Which resulted in a numerous DW-related daily drawings, and 2 months later I found myself doing a DW 30 days drawing challenge. So I'm not saying you should get familiar with it, but you will see a lot of DW-related work from me from now on... Just sayin'...


Sorry guys for not posting almost for a week but I had problems with my Internet connection – which (it seems) is solved now. So from now on 365IP gets back to the one drawing per day rule. Here's the next from July 3rd (yes, I get the irony of the timing):

Also: watch out, cause you will get a gift for your patience and loyalty, but I can't tell more yet... :)


As some of you might know, when I'm not drawing 365IP or writing love poems dedicated to some humanist typeface, I work as a journalist at our local newspaper. Not that I earn a lot of money with that, I'm only payed for the articles, which – given that I'm workin in a 6-person crew for a newspaper of a town where nothing ever happens – are not so many. But even when I got some job, I tend to be a procrastinator with that too. So when I finally get to write the article in question, it usually looks like that:


Yes, he tricked us, and didn't tell he's coming. Just walked into our house one day like he was the guy next door who just run out of milk.

First part of it: 01/08/2012