Fragments From My Sketchbook / Easter Greetings

 E13 – Happy Easter to y'all!

After a soulkilling (I don't care if there's no such word) day at work I didn't have any more power to do something in front of the computer. Actually I didn't have any power to do anything. At all. I decided to take the dog for a (short) walk, and then go to bed relatively early.

But then it came to me.

This snow is just too clingy and essentially too much not to do something with it. Then it took only a minute to swich from making a snowman to making a snow rabbit. I felt very creative. Only 23 million people worldwide had the very same creative idea at the same exact moment.

Then again. I had fun doing something I haven't done, probably like in at least 15 years time.


Fragments From My Sketchbook

E10 – So Vintage



The letter is P!

So by now you probably realized that I'm totally this “project girl” who always comes up with new project ideas which she's never gonna be able to complete. Even right now I'm having about four or five drawing projects in mind.

And as I said, I rarely have time to do my school stuff after work, not to mention anything else. Nevertheless, I'm still drawing sketches – so that I won't forget the purpose of the pencil, and I'm still posting here at least those sketches – so that my huuuge fan base won't leave my blog for good.

In the meantime I'm working my butt off, and trying hard not to screw my final year at school, and sometimes I'm even sleeping a bit. And, all the while, I'm thinking about the long list of things I'm going to do after my finals at school. That makes me less depressed and makes the whole thought of leaving something that was a big part of my life for 2,5 years not having any freetime much more endurable. But who is gonna remember all those things? My experience is, that when time comes that you are finally able to do all you postponed before, all those preciuos things you were keeping for this time, now you don't even remember them. And you do nothing!

So I decided to actually write a list. But being an incurable sufferer of illustritis as I am, you didn't actually think I'm going to write that list, did you?

Ladies and Gentlecolts,
I proudly present…

Things I'm Going to Do After Finals

That sounds like fun! Okay, the title needs some further work. But the point is, that I have a new project. Now that doesn't mean I forgot about Doctor Who 30 Days (I know, I knowww!) Project. Doesn't mean either that I magically got more freetime or decided to neglect school tasks. It's more like a new topic for my not-so-daily sketchbook fragment thingy. You know even 365 Illustration Project had some days when there was nothing to draw about. But ever since I started to work, all what I'm doing is putting letters on white space (journalism) or putting white space between letters (layout editing). That's really not a rich topic to draw about. So how about a new project? Are you in? Well that's a retorical question because I don't care if you're not, I'll still be doing it. The only question is are you interested enough to keep visiting this site. I hope so.

ps. you'll still see original Fragments From My Sketchbook posts, funny stuff about my days, it's not an either-or thing.

Fragments From My Sketchbook

E8 – Not today


It's a work in progress...

So as I told you I have some taks I have to be very serious about, because I'll have to present them in my big final exam thingy. One of these is an illustrated book (well, not exactly a book, but it must have at least 2 pages with illustration and words, and cover pages).

After a long decision-making process, my final choice became “Sneewittchen” from the brothers Grimm collection of tales. But you might rather know it as the tale of “Snow White” or – if you're Hungarian – as “Hófehérke”. I used a Hungarian translation which is trying to be very accurate, so that's why it's called “Hófejírke” regarding the original title.

It's still a work in progress (you can't imagine how long I've been working on this sh...lovely thing), and I know, it could be better (you can't imagine how hard it is to find proper black paper in Jászberény, actually to find any kind of black paper...), and I already messed up some things (you can't imagine how little time I have to work on it, and how much I'm fed up with the whole task)... but still. I guess I can see the light in the end of the tunnel – as they say.

Fragments From My Sketchbook

E6 – The Ultimate Moose Problem

You know when you have some sort of porcelain thing which someone breaks, but you don't throw it out, just glue it instead, which isn't even very conspicuous, so you keep it, until one day someone breaks it again (cause, honestly, why to be careful with something already faulty), and the glueing this time is conspicuous but still acceptable, until next time someone breaks it, so you glue it again and put it on its previous place (why you keep putting it in a place where it can be broken so easily), and this time it's very obvious, but you give it one more chance, cause you really like that porcelain kitten or bear or moose or anything,

but it breaks again.

So you throw the whole stupid thing out and don't want to see it ever again, and as you walk by you find a much nicer porcelain thing which makes you happier even if it's not on your shelf, so who cares about that old crappy thing, which you try to cast out of your head as much as you can (it does not work but you won't admit it for the love of God, cause, you know, who could see in your head anyway), so you live a rather good life, until one day that someone who broke that old porcelain stuff all the times, comes back to you with the pieces of it, because after yours has broken, he had a porcelain doe and it broke and can't be fixed, so he remembered that there used to be another porcelain stuff which looked... well, not that bad, even after several times of fixing it, so he comes to you with those pieces of it he found in the trash and he tries to convince you that it can be glued for this one last time (and he changed so much anyway, so he will be careful from now on), and puts it in front of you and you're like "What the hell is this guy doing" and he glues it together, and holds it up like "See? I told ya! It can be fixed!" and you are like "whatever", cause