Fragments From My Sketchbook


It's her by the way. Pappala pappappala...


We have a winner!

So the contest is closed, stop guessing, because from this moment

It's Susi. And we also have a consolation prize which goes to Iza.

But I end it here, further information (mostly about what those books in question actually were) come later. As well as the prize drawing of these two. :)

Things I'm Going To Do After My Finals



Fragments From My Sketchbook


So a few days ago I introduced you to my colleague Csilla. You might have noticed in that picture that she is about to have my most feared thing: 

a child!

But this time somehow I feel almost comfortable with the thought, I think I'll manage quite well. 


Qucik sketch at work

Now anyone who have seen my blog once or twice know that my posts about my job look something like that:

... or that:

... or at least, on the very best days like that:

According to these one might think that my workplace is a true tourture-chamber (which it is), but actually not every day looks like that. Thursdays are mostly calm and peaceful days, with not too much to do – except for my colleague, Csilla, who – in addition to doing her job as a journalist – has to do all the paperwork and financial organizing. But unlike me, she does it with kindness and a smile. Something like that:


Fragments From My Sketchbook + Prize


That would be the humble library of my school – well in 365 IP world at least.
I realized a bit too late that the phrase “no books can be borrowed” should not be taken literally…

But let's stop bumbling about myself and skip to what everyone is interested in: 

let's hear about the prize! 

Well as I said, this is the 365 IP word version of the school library. You know what it's like to draw that many books? At first it's quite entertaining, thinking of all those titles and design of the books, but then eventually it gets boring, and... one might put certain books on the shelf that just does not belong there. First person who can spot* all 3 said books, and tell which fandom of mine inspired their putting on the self, will get the prize! Which is...

I'm giving out followerdrawings again!
The person who wins, gets a drawing of themselves, in their own 365IP world library, which contains carefully selected (by me) items depending on the person's mentality, interests, fandoms, everything... How 'bout that? Just send me the answers (3 books and the reason – you think – made me put them on the self), and the first one who guesses well, will get it (sometime...). (Unless you want Kornél to get it, because he was the first correct guesser, but that doesn't count since he saw it days before anyone could, plus I gave him some hints... But it's still pretty impressive, so if noone will guess the correct answers, he legally won.)

* You will need the picture in bigger size for that, but don't worry, I haven't resized it this time, so that when you click on it, it will show in original size.
(if not: right click, open in new tab, there you go)


Fragments From My Sketchbook


I've never thought someday I'd be the biggest egghead at some school. Neither anyone who ever had the privilege to teach me. 
Well. People change.


Fragments From My Sketchbook


“They” also say  “There's no need to panic – said the parrot in in the cat's mouth. – Before he swallows you, they'll put you down two times.” Not sure if I should be happy about it, or completely freak out that I'm compared to an animal about to getting killed in the most brutal way.

Just the usual panic before July 28th.


Things I'm Going To Do After My Finals


I'm sorry everyone who has their birthday / wedding / name day / very important day of anything  before June 28th.


Fragments From My Sketchbook


I don't know how some people (let's say it out loud: girls) have such brilliantly perfect hair. Well I know. They're not people! They're aliens!