Other drawings of mine

Part 7 – Characters for a tale

A half year ago a friend of mine asked me to do some illustrations to a tale her daughter – and my namesake – Lizi is writing. These are the characters I did:

Iza the horse
Similarily to my friend Iza, this mare is rather a cool girl, but also very friendly.

Bolondos Blanka (Blanka the Foolish)
She's inspired by a cuddly toy bunny of young writer Lizi.

Lelemény (Ingenuity), the cat
Inspired by their family cat, Lelemény loves to eat, loves to sleep, and very kind to everyone.

That's it for now. Don't worry, now you seriously don't have to wait much more for “the real stuff”, and that's not a vague promise anymore. I have the final date: this Friday I'm gonna go to the school, SO that means I'm gonna be able to finally scan june drawings. New post hopefully the same day. Whatch out!