napiraiz #082

‘We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people, all through our lives. And that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, as long as you remember all the people that you used to be.’
(Some ca.1200-y-o bloke before dying for the 13th time thus regenerating into the 13th body of his – that's right, I didn't miscount – and beginning his second regeneration cycle.) 

napiraiz #081

Don't feel unimportant if you haven't though. Sooner or later I will get to you.

About Lim Kim (or Kim Ye-rim in the original name order) she is pretty damn awesome in fact. Her music is just the best combination of jazzy and fun, her lyrics are about real proper actual life situations (you know what I mean) not stupidly approached (you all know what I'm talking about), and her voice is like the first sunshine on your grumpy face in spring. Actually I really don't get it: how isn't everyone crazy about her?

Now I won't give you a link to her music because that would put us in a K-pop spam relationship which I'm not sure we are ready for yet, but you're a smart girl/guy, you'll figure out how to find it.


napiraiz #079

Don't worry about the Spinster Club drawings by the way, he's nine-freakin-teen years old! (Although he looks 30 but that's right why would I ever fancy someone my age for a change) So much for getting over.


두 살 이에요! * EP is two years old!

Yes, two years ago on this day started entrustedproperty.blogspot.com with 365 Illustration Project!

For this occasion let us go on a little (not really) journey of its history, shall we?

napiraiz #077

 But that's just the cats. Don't think anything bad about our dog, Scabby and our hens, The Crappies.


napiraiz #076

True story! He indeed is really organised. While other dogs usually have their toys just hanging around everywhere, he from the very first moment decided to collect them in one particular spot in the backyard. As for the bones and other food, we were surprised to notice after a month without holes in the garden that he have them nicely organised in one corner of his house.


napiraiz #074

Do you remember our bug story? Oh, the lovely bug story! But now we have a colleague who's not that big on insects. But she called in sick last week and…


napiraiz #073

I feel like months of listening to Talk To Me In Korean's audio lessons are finally paying off. Being all day in an office where everyone near me is sick is paying off too. As you might know I depend on the office scanner (so much for creative freedom), so today you only get this lame photography. But hey! At least you learn some Korean as well!


napiraiz #072 + Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, technically it is still Valentine's Day in Hungary, sorry if you're in a different timezone... Actually, what is time for a Doctor Who fan anyway! Right?!

First I was like let's do something Spinster Club for today, but no, that would have been cheap. See instead:

Actually they had a live chat on youtube today which I happened to miss, I leave it to you to point out the irony of it.

What? What that you ask? Who are Simon and Martina? Seriously. Have some culture!


Ducks, trousers and Darcy

So, the fans hath spoketh, and the fans hath said this:

Great expectations you have there, I'd say! Darcy, ducks and trousers! A perfect combination of happiness, please accept my sincere congratulations on your sublime taste!

I'm disappointed though that some of you are not loyal to spinsterhood (I hope at least the weddings are not in autumn) and even more disappointed that my fantastic suggestion (namely hanboks) to solve the great big trouser crisis torturing all of us is not really supported. Well. At least you like chips!

See you soon with new scenes from my amazingly adventurous life, until then, why don't you drown into the important question of ducks, trousers and good ol’ Mr. Darcy.


napiraiz #066

What? After the third time dropping the lemon accidentally in your tea you might come to this conclusion.


napiraiz #065

I imagine members of the World Union Of Electric Kettle Designers winking at each other and laughing very hard. Very-very hard.


napiraiz #064

No, but seriously. At first you are like haha, that's funny, let's listen to it, because it is soo 1980s but asian (plus – or rather therefore – adorable as hell), and ‘that is so ironic’, but then you listen to it for the second time, because it's still funny, and then you listen to it for the third time, because you still feel the need to give it another go purely in the name of irony of course, and then you won't stop listening to it.

Like ever.

I won't lie, it sort of sneakily grows on you. You're especially endangered when you are tired and fed up with everything. Seriously, give it a try, you will see… Right? Right?… Are you listening?… Feeling it?… How about now?… Now?… It will grow on you… Any minute now… How about now?…

napiraiz #063

It might seem like we're always drinking (or panicking), but actually it's only three occasions a year: Martha's birthday (as seen above), Csángó Festival of course and the World Day Of Office Christmas Get-together Leftovers.