You know the thing they always tell people like me: “you are not a waste, you're just special, and you are beautiful this way” and stuff. As if “special” had become a synonym for freak.

But you know how it works: when you're trying to get a job, that kind of “specialness” is not desirable, thank you very much. So being an extremely shy, extremely clumsy person with extreme phobias, my only hope is to – somehow, magically – become someone else before I step foot in a job interview.

I guess, getting shocked by fear in the edge of the town (one of my inborn phobias); getting some manure in my freshly-washed hair; getting completely lost, then realizing that I went out of the town on the wrong road; being 20 minutes late; then not being able to speak about how awesome I am (which I am of course not, but which every not awesome person must testify on a job interview), or – not being able to speak about anything –… I guess these exhaust the concept of being myself. I won't be a secretary at Boros és Fiai Ltd.


Yhea, well… that pretty much sums up our relationship. :)


If you've ever thought that being obsessed with letters is such a weird disease that nobody else shows symptoms of it except for me (and maybe the Typofreak Club), then I have to disappoint you.

There is a group on Facebook called Typo Budapest, in which similarily typofreak people upload their photos of outdoor typography made mostly in Budapest, but also in some other places. Then they discuss them, and everyone is happy. 

That works perfectly in a big city like the capital of Hungary – in a small town like mine the whole thing becomes more complex though. You must face certain difficulties, like when you take more than two pictures, all the people in the streets (which means all 10) are either thinking you're from the authorities, or
they call for the authorities to arrest you. No wonder there is no Typo Jászberény group on Facebook.


(click on the picture to see it in bigger size; English translation at the end of the post in purple)

Today's drawing is kinda irregular considering its format, and also that it's written in Hungarian. In May I was asked to draw comic strips for a local newspaper of a village near Budapest. It was my first try. I thought tho that it can be used as part of my 365IP as well. Big thanks to Balázs for the story idea, and to Tamás for the gggenius title.

English translation:
“From 07. 01. 2012. our Terms of Service will change. Details…”



Guys. Never dress up as a Comic Sans Criminal on a costume party in which there are only normal people. Trust me. They won't appreciate it very much.


Why, isn't art supposed to make you think?!...


You've already heard of my BFF, Enikő. You could have seen a lot of drawings featuring her, but you probably do not know that she has a brilliant page called
It is a blog where she uploads pictures of all those yummy cakes and cookies she made and to some of them she adds recipes as well. And believe me, she is a pretty damn brilliant cook.

Now when I was thinking of baking something for an upcoming event (picture the day after tomorrow) and also for someone I'm very thankful to, it wasn't even a question who do I ask for a cool recipe. And I wasn't disappointed, it was a wonderful stuff indeed. Something that is delicious, but also easy to make. And it could have been a quick job… if I wasn't stupid enough to run to the shop for supplies three times during the process.

Go have a check and show her some love: http://enikesutivilaga.blogspot.hu/ 
(Right now the recipes are available only in Hungarian, but fortunately pictures are international, aren't they! :)



Yes, well guessed, this is my cutesy-wootsy doggy-woggy, and yes, I found another similarity between us.
Related work: 04/09/2012


Text-free you call for, text-free it will be.


Followerdrawing for Hajni, a friend of mine. My first memory of her is someone shouting madly at 3 am. in the dorm hallway: “Hajjjjjniii! Tarka* after party!” while I'm trying to sleep in my room. My second memory is someone letting me know at a christian camp's registration how good it is to finally see a familiar face. Yhea. That “someone” was she.

But since that day she became like… one of my closest friends, someone on who I allways could rely on, and someone who – even after leaving Budapest to live entirely in Győr – still asks me sometimes how do I do. If not on Facebook, then in Győr, when I visit her and their churh. Oh, and this one up there? That was a true story.

* “Tarka” was the name of the dormitory.



When I'm speaking about followers, I speak about people who hit the “join this site” button on the right, and that quite sums it up all. But to be a “follower” – especially considering christian terminology – is much more than this. It calls for commitment and endurance and a great willingness to get on the nerves of everyone around you by the constant advertising of the one you follow. 

Well you can't say Kornél is not a good follower. He loves my blog from the the very day he first saw it, shared more posts than anyone else, and I don't have evidence for it, but his liking rate probably beats everyone else's as well. (In fact he was the first requiring “Like” button bellow the posts.) And what would describe the essence of being a “follower” better than the fact that he learned to identify Comic Sans Criminalism sooner than anyone else? Well maybe only today's drawing can outshine that.



You remember the guy from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Well, it was exactly like that. Except, noone called it a comedy.




Why isn't it the absolute right of every artist to interpret stuff the way they want to?
Ingrid Michaelson – Ribbons




Yepp, I'm serious, that is a very, very serious mental illness, so don't make fun of it, please. And this is scienifically proven. Even though the only sources talking about it are cartoons and pages like 9gag… 



It's kinda scary to me how capable she is to copy everything bad in me.


The first part of this picture was: 03/10/2012
…which lead to this: 03/16/2012
…which lead to this one: 05/07/2012



Followerdrawing for Gabi, my flatmate (well more accurate to say that on fridays we're sleeping in the same apartment). And it's a true story!




In case you don't remember, it's a drawing from November's 365IP. He teached us illustration that time, and how I just loved those lessons! They were interesting, motivating, we've learned a lot, and well, as you can see, it's my favourite area of drawing anyway. This was the time I was first called a “nerd” by my classmates (not that it's a big surprise that the most diligent student is the one who doesn't have a job, a family to care for, or even opportunity to go out with friends). And he certainly knows something about teaching, because he could gain what nobody before: to make us arrive – relatively – on time.


One of my favourite webcomics I regularly check out is Sandra and Woo. It is funny, witty, and well, it's starring a talking racoon, which is, let's be honest, kinda guarantees something cool and awesome. And if you've ever wondered who's to blame for my pony-related posts, well, noone else, but the author of this comic who's been nice enough to let their fans know how amazing My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic is. But for those of you who prefer German to English, I have good news as well: es gibt auf Deutsch auch (and even with these few german words I've proven which version do I prefer…)

 So when they announced a fanart contest, it was pretty obvious that I'm applying. And I decided to do it my way. If you read the story from the beginning (and you really should, because it's much more fun that way), you'll find a strip when Sandra (the little girl who's the owner of Woo, the racoon) finds out about her pet's “hidden talent”. I thought it'd be funny to imagine a similar situation in my room, in my 365IP world. 

So that is briefly the story of today's irregular daily-drawing. 

I've won. A lot of new visitors by this:
Welcome everyone! :)