napiraiz #005

You guys are aware of the unbearable cruelty of the soft cushions, right?

napiraiz #004

Even worse that happened in the first week of October. But I was convinced that was a half year ago. Actually I still am.


NAPIRAIZ – AKA New Amazing Project Illustrating Regularly All Incidents Zealously

Clever ain't it eh? Now come on! At least a little enthusiasm if I may ask! At least a tiny clap. No? No? Well all right then.



FFMSb Deleted Scenes


Last lame deleted scenes post. Tomorrow starts my New Amazing Project That Now Even Has An Equally Amazing Name, Wow!


FFMSb Deleted Scenes


Truth be told I got payed finally. I guess it was worth to be so very agressive and pushy once in my life.


FFMSb Deleted Scenes


Me and dear Csilla looked very-very similar indeed at that moment. Now if I want to look like my colleague I have to loose 20 kgs, get a curly wig (making my own hair look like Márta's would be harder than the former), and kidnap two constantly fighting 10-year-olds to be around me. Easy as a pie.


FFMSb Deleted Scenes

And since we are here, let's just clean out the whole ‘school’ shelf, shall we? I give thee

e141 of Fragments From My Sketchbook,
FFMSb Deleted Scenes #6,
6th part of the ‘relatively calmly’ series:

FFMSb Deleted Scenes


... and while we're at it


Goodbye subscription – hello fanpage!

I really didn't feel like making a fanpage for Entrusted Property since I always believed you should not create a Facebook page unless a) you're expecting more than 100 likes on it, or b) you're an exhibitionist. But time came that I couldn't possibly postpone severing (like very, very strictly. I'm serious.) everyday life and my blog.

FFMSb Deleted Scenes


Those who went to Artschool of Buda know what I'm talking about.


FFMSb Deleted Scenes


A modern Charlotte Brontë, indeed. Like... a very, very modern adaptation... well without the whole „love” thing of course.


FFMSb Deleted Scenes


You know when you see ‘deleted scenes’ in a youtube video's title, and you click on it, because it's your favourite film or show, and you're expecting something amazingly interesting that is a shame you haven't seen yet, some sort of wonderful secret that was hidden from fans but not anymore... But then it's just a bunch of random things like long and boring and useless conversations and such?

That's exactly what you will get in FFMSb Deleted Scenes. Fragments that was drawn but never posted because I didn't find them interesting enough or something so I kept them as jolly jokers... But now that I've finished posting the pen-drawings, and just before I start posting the painted ones, I figured it's time to sweep the attic.

Let's start with something extremely exciting!


Fragments From My Sketchbook


Something I'm really thankful to God is saving me until now from having a smartphone. Actually I'm a bit amazed that I still manage to live without it, that is kind of unbelievable these days. So having ‘I have no life’ as the 4th most frequent tag in my blog might not be fair to these guys


Fragments From My Sketchbook


No, I don't believe every couple get together like this! There is true love, yes. Just like unicorns. Or timelords. Or typographically correct newspapers. Shut up, I'm dreaming!


Fragments From My Sketchbook


Fragments From My Sketchbook


If you're following me for a long time, you might remember my double-post about corn last year. If not, here's a little reminder:

(yes my drawings were much ‘better’ that time, thank you)

This year I was lucky enough to eat corn in September! But Borbolya didn't feel that lucky... 


Happy Hangeul Day!

Yepp, I actually prepared for this.

Sure I got out of paper from my old sketchbook before I got an idea for a hangeul-related (well... sort of) drawing. That's why today's FFMSB is a bit out of stlye being from the new sketchbook with aquarell paper and fancy colors and everything. But still. As soon as I got obsessed with hangeul and started to get into the details I waited for this day to come.



또한 I forgot 또한! Good word 또한. 또한! 또한!... They say it a lot in Jewel In The Palace. Oh that's right! All of this incredible (isn't it?) amount of Korean knowledge come from Korean dramas. Who needs foreign language courses?!

*English translation
Right! Although...
Yes. Jeong Gi Jun!
That's why!
Your Majesty!
Hidden Root.


Fragments From My Sketchbook


If you're following my blog for a long time, you probably know of my great affection towards plum trees. This is what today's drawing testifies. (besides the fact that I post my drawings waaaaay after they actually happened. Mostly.)


Did you know…

… that the sketchbook referred in the titles is actually... more sketchbooks? It goes like I draw, and when it's full, I cut the inside out, get some paper and make another inside.

It is the third booklet I've ‘used up’. And now I decided: it is time to get out of this comfortable cocoon I've made myself nine months 120 drawings ago by starting the ever so popular Fragments From My Sketchbook (AKA lazy 365IP) series. Sure I enjoyed this little interlude of reinventing my stlye, and the project achieved its goal (being mere practising and getting out of the artistic crisis of loosing confidence in the stlye I got used to) but time to get back to serious stuff! Time to learn again what brushes are for!

So I've made another inside to the booklet and this time I made it with aquarell paper. Yes. I'll force myself if I have to to get the brush in my hands every time I have something to tell. I got pretty comfortable with pen, let's try what happens when I change to paint! (Probably a lot of rubbish pictures in the first few weeks months, but well. That's just how it is.) I'm pretty excited about it actually.

What does it mean for you?
Pretty much nothing for now. Since I don't post them immediately, I still have about 15-20 drawings you haven't seen yet. (So much for visual diary...) But as soon as I'm finished with them, there you go:

New Exciting Project I Haven't Found
A Name Yet! 

‘Isn't this exciting? Are you excited cause I'm excited I've never been so excited, well, except for the time that I went [gasp] but I mean really...