Still happy New Year to You!

New poll, and it's more fun than usual, because you can check more than one options. And I'm sure many of these are just what you're thinking.

What? What that you say? They're not? I'm sure you find at least one true to you. Not? Then leave a comment. What do You expect from 2014?


Holiday greetings

I'm lazy again. I know. Sorry. But I even looked up how to say ‘Merry Christmas!’ in Korean. It's ‘Meri Keuriseumaseu.’ Now what is lazy if not that?!


So you think I'm doing it right?

According to the result of the latest poll – though I can't say with a great many participants – the majority of you think N.A.P.I.R.A.I.Z. is the best thing I've ever done here in this little blogling of mine. (Yes, that's a word. Blogling. Blogling. Say it many times and you will catch it too. Blogling. Totally a word.)

Good. Because I'm fully intending to continue (whether it's your favourite or not) the way I did it. Also – and you can take it as a new year vow – this, ladies and gentlemen, this must be the year I finish my 30 Days (no, don't laugh!) Doctor Who project on my other blog.

Also, new poll coming soon.

Also, it's Christmas. We'll do something about it later.

Also. Have a nice day!


napiraiz #042

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I discovered the unexploited utility of hefty bags in fashion industry.


napiraiz #041

I know, you don't get it. It's okay. My best friend is the only person in my life with whom  I can discuss such intellectual topics.


napiraiz #039

Actually I don't have any problem with boxes, thank you very much. In fact I most certainly enjoy them. If anything, the only matter I have problem with is the throwing them away thing. And the not buying them. And the not accepting them.

But really, it's not so serious. Maybe I have a bit too many, that could be said, yes. And yes, my deathcause will certainly be suffocation from too many boxes in my room (house). Well… either that or choking on crisps.


napiraiz #038

Truth be told I asked for the same. Two TARDISes, please! (Or TARDI? Or TARDIS because the plural goes to the full form, but leaves the abbreviation the same? Ahhhr, science is hard!)


napiraiz #037

Oh, guys. You were so close. So close to be the 20.000th visitor on my page therefore accept the wonderful gift of my special greeting (down there, last post). But you handed over this fantastic and never returning opportunity to some random guy wondering here accidently from Sandra and Woo. Well your bad, now let's move on to NAPIRAIZ nr. 37:

저 있어요 – as the wise Korean says.


We are getting very cool

Remember when I said: ‘Be one of my first followers, so that when I'm super popular you can say: you were there from the beginning’? Well, look right now! Pretty good huh? Even if most of these is me checking the posts or the entire design of the page. Now we won't stup until 100,000. Who's with me?


napiraiz #035

I never quite knew what sort of problem people might have with writing. Like... you just... you know... write. Put your thoughts on paper. (Or later... on the screen of the computer) What is so hard about it? The only problem I ever had with writing was not being able to stop it. That's why I was never able to do a proper diary. But writing an essay or a letter or anything: that wasn't ever a problem.

Then I became a journalist.