In case you were wondering I'm pretty damn fine these days

... and God  help me never to forget my previous boss so that everyone in this world can keep being a saint.

Stupid little doodles from last month III.

On good ol' life…

[Warning: brutally honest drawings, not necessarily obeying The Globally Mandatory Law of Positivite Thinking]

Stupid little doodles from last month II.

On good ol' me…

Stupid little doodles from last month I.

On Korean stuff…


In case you missed me

Here's a thing I did for a friend, Iza for her soon-to-be-published romantic novel which takes place in Croatia. It's a nice reading with pleasant things like warm weather, good food, georgeous fishes under the sea and young croatian men with white teeth and blue eyes. Read it when it's finally available!


Mugs and phonecases with free shipping

Have you ever wondered how great it would be if these drawings here would be available on mugs or iphonecases (I don't even know what that is, nevermind)? I know, I know, I think about that all the time too. But fear not! Because from now on
I have my own (well not really but close enough) online store!  Where you can find some of my drawings as mugs, phonecases or some of them even as laptop skins or wall clocks! I know, amazing. Just look at that!

Okay, more seriously I'm not even sure if I'll ever sell anything there, but just in case anyone was interested, I figured, I shall provide an opportunity. Right now there are twelve of my drawings available (mainly seasonal) on my store, but there will be more in the future (requests are very welcome!). I know some of them would make excellent T-shirts, throw pillows or tote bags too, but unfortunately my drawings are too small for that.

Oh yes, the prizes. I made them as cheap as I could – the basic prizes are high enough – but the good news is, right now shipping is free  worldwide and there is a discount as well until November 9th  but only for those who click on this link.

So if you want something one of a kind that only you possess (and all those others who decide to buy them) or if you want to give something unique for Christmas, this is the best time to aquire it! :)