adatok 005

Many people ask why I never draw/talk about my father. So now I do, be happy.

The answer to your question is yes. You are allowed to think that I'm the worst person ever.


chips 004 – The King Of Vocab

AKA I'm bragging again

Since I was a lazy scamp didn't had the time to do anything for today's C.H.I.P.S., let it be the thing that made me excited for the past few weeks: my drawings have been chosen to be featured in Talk To Me In Korean's
My Weekly Korean Vocabulary – Book2 as well!

I won't say more, check them out here!


How's that for a Celebrating Heaven-sent Items Poorly Systemized?!


adatok 004

You might wonder 'she's locked up with a child why isn't she screaming?' But she's Leila whom I promised not to be afraid of her and so far I'm doing well…


fabula 004

Oh, that Borbolya! Wasn't she a shy little piece of adorableness when she was a kitten?


chips 003

Oh yes, Korean dramas! This is how it all started, with a Korean drama, then Korean letters, then Korean language, then Korean pop, then Korean everything.

Korean dramas, they make my life a lot nicer, and what would be better to represent them than a scene about watching dramas from my current favourite drama which is about making dramas. Very meta indeed.

If you are interested in Korean dramas, you can read more about my top5 in this blogpost.


mesebolt 003

Here have some lovely tale from the collection of the Grimm brothers: an evil stepmother chopped her stepson's head off with the top of an apple chest, then tricked her daughter into thinking that actually she killed him by slapping him hard. But not before his head fell among a great amount of shiny sweet apples.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!


I'm a free elf!

So as you could see in yesterday's drawing, I'm not working at Jászkürt Újság anymore. Still, I'm gonna keep wednesdays as no-drawings-days, because of reasons.

Enjoy crappy quality Harry Potter gif!


adatok 003

So here you go now you know. Then again, one with depression and the other is a psychopath, it could have never worked.

Not that I'd change the name of this segment though. It's just too cool, plus it was one hell of a work to create its banner.


fabula 003

Here we are in week #3 (ehm.. please don't check!) of our wonderful new projects.

Actually from now on expect a bit (a lot) crappier quality since I no longer have access to a good scanner. (I have a paperweight though which is called scanner if you're interested in buying such things.)

As for the origins of these names they are the Hungarian names of the main characters of Czechoslovakian animation Pásli ovce Valaši.


chips 002


This time I wanted to do something different, so I made a pattern of the names of some of the bands and K-pop idols I like.

Game: The first person who can name all of them in the comment section here or on the facebook page I'll reward with a drawing (my style) of them with their favourite K-pop band/idol. (As if there was anyone here who likes K-pop…)


mesebolt 002

Funny I chose this one last week by accident. This is an illustration for a fairytale about a soldier who gets unfairly kicked out of the army then gets back on his former boss, the king by the help of some magic lamp goblin. What you can see above is his cruel, cruel revenge: making the princess clean his boots at nights.


It's wednesday AKA no drawings day

So let's just use this opportunity to say this:

Praise the Lord!

...and God bless the CEO!

그리고 guess what!


adatok 002

Well don't have to worry about that now. Some dirty scam (eheom...) thought he should fire me and at the same time trash me forever with some fat lies. Like he always does.


August was like…

Don't study too many things. The more you know the more you will be used. Watch Korean dramas instead!