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Okay, just no laughing! If you know me at least a bit, you know what a big achievement it is from me.


You could have seen our male (well it's more proper to say “ex-male”) cat, Jenőke, in many drawings until now, but it's the first main appearance of our other cat, Borbolya. She (“ex-female”) is much more shy and more cynic at the same time (yes, that's a cat characteristic, okay?). And she has a capital “M” (a Sans Serif if you ask me) on her forehead just because she thinks we won't be able othervise to remember that she's a “macska” (Hungarian for “cat”).

Ah, nice. Now I started to write introductions of cats. Am I really that miserably isolated?…


I'm concerned if there is any rat remained in the field around our home. Our male cat is one serious serial killer, I tell ya.



Oookay, before you start to think about me as a crazy burglar who broke into the school only to do stuff she's not allowed in school time, I have to explain the situation. So it was a Saturday when at school the lessons were held according to mondays' schedule. So actually it was a day off for us who only have lessons on fridays and saturdays. But I – having a big school project to be done, and not having Adobe InDesign at home – decided to go to school and work on the project there. It is a good thing that the school is well equipped (for instance, I don't know what would I do without its scanner, to which you can thank the good quality of these drawings), and that students are allowed to use these stuff even if there is no teacher around. So. That's it. No crazy burglar. Really. Just a crazy Facebook-addict.



Attention! Before anyone would write me long letters rebuking me for criticizing God's beautiful work and not being fully satisfied with my beautiful outlook, which is – have I mentioned – really beautiful, here's a sweet little story.

You see, I always used to have a problem with findig proper trousers or jeans, because of my figure. And once I find one that fits me – i.e. I can put them on at least –, it's sure that half of their legs must be cut, because they are so much longer than my legs. But I cannot say that it was always necessary.

Once I had the opportunity to find a pair of jeans which perfectly fit me. It was made in Germany. “Hah! – I said to myself – At last! At last German fashion designers realized that not only long-legged slim ladys live on Earth! At last they realized that most of the women are like me! At last they realized that in fact, it's the average, so it's the normal. I sense a big change in public opinion from now on, a general change, a revolution of mind about the concept of beauty!” I grabbed the jeans victoriously, and noticed two kind little words written on it:

“extra kurz”.

Ask Google Translate if you have problems understanding it…


Are you wondering who might be this girl next to me? She's Anna, my classmate. A few weeks ago I've told you how my friend Eszti heroically provided half the school's typography textbook (of which event I've even did a drawing once). In case I've missed to mention, the author of The Book is called Péter Virágvölgyi, for which reason most people call it “the Virágvölgyi book” – although I'm more than convinced that my name for it is much better. So you remember how I always say one cannot read it without becoming at least a bit typofreak? Well, gotcha, Anna! It's proven! Ha!



Did you know that there's a little corner of the internet where your wildest dreams can – at least virtually – come true? It's OK, you don't have to be shy, you can be honest with me, you're not alone with this. Everyone is dreaming about getting “the letter” one day from Hogwarts. And of course, I tried it as well. I mean, the page. And of course I was more than eager to know in which house will the Sorting Hat place me. 


You know, I might be a confirmed test-skeptical, and I might have laughed on the fact that according to the Myers–Briggs test I am an INTP (well at least I was, on the day I filled it in for Eszti's violent goading), but I. Would. Never. I said NEVER! question the decision of the Sorting Hat. That would be such a foolishness, and INTPs are not known for being fools!


…not that they're not right…


It is kinda my personal interpretation of a song from a German band called Wir Sind Helden. It's point originally is a lot different tho.


Followerdrawing for Helga, my flatmate (well, saying I'm staying at her apartment on fridays so that I can go to school on saturdays is much closer to the truth). One can say a lot of cool things about her, but it is clear, that she has absolutely no sense to become a freak, let alone typography freak! OK, maybe Kindersley was a bit too old for Lida (marrying a guy who has more common themes with your grandpa than with yourself is maybe not the best idea), and OK, maybe he might have had a wife when Lida fell in love with him, but hey, he kept a distance (as much as it was possible while showing her the proper way of holding the chisel for lettering). And nothing happened between them for 2,5 years… Well, the book doesn't tell about it, and other sources are laconic on this as well, but I sense that his wife died. …OK, maybe not, and he finally divorced and he's a horrible man anyway, but let me believe that he was a nice guy. I mean, afterall, it's David Kindersley!

Well… where was I? Oh, yes. Helga. Followerdrawing. Do not read typofreak stories for normal people. And stuff.


That could be my motto...


"For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to dothis I keep on doing."
(Romans 7:18-19)


Very devoted followers might remember the drawing from January in which I'm doing the thing I am best at: whining pathetically over my present state while being wrapped in a warm blanket and eating Nutella. That day the subject of my whining was mainly that I'm not in Miami, and the horridness of it was mainly caused – besides the freezing -25 ºC and disappointingly grey lanscapes – by two young gentlemen called Rich Chwastiak and Tristan Clopêt. The former you already know – or if not, I'm really disappointed, unless you're new here, and in this case check out this post –, but the latter still needs a proper introduction. 

Tristan is well… where should I start? Maybe I should start with saying thanks to Tim Burton. Without his interpretation of Alice in Wonderland which I liked so much that I started to listen to its music, and after listening to those I started to listen to ‘Almost Alice’, an album featuring various artists inspired by the film… so without him I'd never found Tristan's youtube channel. But finally I found myself listening to a guy playing a hundred kind of instruments to perform Welcome to Mystery – a lot better than the original. That's how it all started. That was the time I noted down his name, because I knew I found something worth remembering. 

Later I found out that he did a lot other covers as well – just as good as it is –, and they are all his interpretations, not just some lame “let's play it cause it's popular” kind of imitations. He takes the songs and makes them completely his, while still being respectful towards the original ones. You might say, if he's so good, and he really does have an own style, then why does he waste his time with covers instead of making an own album with his own songs. Well, I have good news: he does that as well. He wrote some pretty good songs and recorded them with his band called Tristan Clopêt and The Juice. You can listen to them for free on his myspace page

So on January 26th I was depressed not to be able to go to a concert of two extremely nice guys, who now I'm fortunate enough to call my friends. But as spring arrived in Hungary, and Tristan decided to move from Miami to New York City – the same place where Rich lives, and this has certain advantages even for fans living far away –, all of a sudden, well, Miami lost all its charm for me.

homepage: http://tristanclopet.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tristanclopetandthejuice
youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SussexRecordings




How not to offend anyone on Easter but still be decent… or well… at least I tried. :D


Not that I'd call myself a catholic (I'm not really OK with dogmatic stuff invented by the church in the middle-ages to get more money), but my family is catholic, and at least on every big holidays we go to the church. And you know what it's like, when you're get used to a whole different thing and then go back to the old stuff… It seems immediately unreasonable for some reason.

Attending to a kinda modern protestant church, I spend more time amongst people who, when God's grace is mentioned, are more likely start to perform King David's famous “holy dance” freaking out everyone who's not used to that. …Ok, well, maybe that's not very frequent (never seen it in fact), but it's a fact, that the worship style of this church is much more lively and – for me at least – natural, than what you can see in a more traditional church. I'm not saying it's better, I'm just saying, after it a catholic mass was kinda unusual for me (even if I spent the biggest part of my life going to catholic churches), and it inspired me on this drawing.

Because, you know, to simplify it to the bare facts, Easter is all about we don't have to get the punishment for our sins, means we don't have to spend the eternity in a place fully separated from God – i.e. the source of everything which can be good, so you're kinda doomed without him, cause what remains is the lack of every good stuff which is… well you can imagine – …So you can avoid all this sh*t, and be in a place where you can fully experience everything that is good – i. e. the presence of God –, and for this you don't have to do stuff or anything, only to want it, I mean to want to be with God, to want to get saved – i. e. say “that Jesus guy already  payed for it, soo…” I mean. That is what it's all about.

And on that day, in that church, in that mass, I didn't really feel that most people who're saying “Amen” and “Hallelujah” (in more modern words: “YAY to that!”) understand it. And to be just, it is not a catholic attribute. They might be the most moderate ones in praising but that doesn't mean anything about the inside thoughts. Yes, the phenomenon exists in catholic church. As well as it exists in every denomination. People can fake any reaction, and still miss the point of their supposed faith.

But, well. That's just another “stuff christians like”.


That is true. Chinese people only wear green hats when they want to tell the outside world that their spouse is cheating on them. Without trying to philosophize on the fact that anyone would want to communicate such thing to the outside world, it's an interesting thing isn't it.

But as for Susi, my 17th follower, I don't even know where to start… Maybe the easiest way to sum her personality up is to say: she is the German me, while I'm the Hungarian Susi. It is hard to tell which one of us had bigger impact on the other. Although, it is a fact that after living together for a half year I passed my lateness-carma to her, the most punctual person I know – <cough> no cultural prejudices. Also, she's the person who's name probably gonna be well known worldwide from our (expectedly) famous musical: Susi Poppins. But more on that maybe later. 

As you might have found out, she currently lives in China, teaching English for little chinese children. But I don't have to be uninformed about her everyday life, because we can still skype sometimes, and she also reports her friends about her curious adventures in her newsletters written on literary work style, which will make a pretty good book sometime in the future.

So you'd better remember her name, people!


Followerdrawing #15 for Dóri, the cutest little girl I know. Like seriously, the first word that most likely comes to one's mind about her is “cuteness”. That's it. Some people just born for that. And it's OK.

And when I asked her to follow my blog publicly, do you know what did she ask for? What? A unicorn. Like, seriously, a unicorn, that's all that she wanted.

Dóri. Unicorn. Cuteness. Followerdrawing.


Followerdrawing #14 goes to Szilvi, one of my classmates. One of those who has a great tendency to think of morbid stuff. Not that it's a rare thing in our class, but she's outstanding in at least one other thing as well: having an extraordinary love towards dogs. And when these two come together, well, the results you can check out on her portfolio page. 

But as for typography, seems like her philosophy is “Everything has its limits” and as for freakness it's typography where man should say “stop”. Though you might remember when I said that one cannot read The Book without getting at least a bit typofreak, and though you might remember the drawing about Eszti carrying 4 of them (which were actually for my classmates, including Szilvi), but, well, seems like the magic is not working in this case. Well. Can't everyone be isolated freak!


Followerdrawing #13 goes to Dusi, one of my closest friends. But in fact, it's not her first appearance in 365IP world. You could have already seen her as a bear arriving in Jászberény with her sister-bear; a bear who's afraid of a cutesy-wootsie giant doggy-woggy; an important member of the Spinster Club and a very upset working woman on 8th March. And now you have the opportunity to get to know a whole new side of her: the mature adult.


Ahh, inside jokes! So annoying when you're the one who just stands there and doesn't understand why everyone else is laughing hysterically on something that sounds like an ordinary phrase, but, on the other hand, so great, when you're one of those who have the key to understand it.

Well, sorry guys, but this time you'll be in the former group, except if you're Betti, who is my 13th follower, so here comes followerdrawing #12 (remember: follower 6, Emese didn't want one, because I did dailydrawings starring her anyway).


For what else reason do someone go to a christian student retreat, right?…

(FÉK is a christian student organization, which – amongst many other programs – organizes two student retreats a year: one at fall and one at spring; one weekend of talks, seminars, small group discussions, fun programs, fellowship and lots of laugh – all this to learn more about God while having some fun.)

This is an extra-followerdrawing for Vikky, who not only followed my blog, but also brought here many people who followed it. So if you've already got your followerdrawing, but want another too, you know what to do… 


With or without text – the results of my poll

So my survey has ended with the following results:

Based on the votes of those 21 people who wanted to let me know their opinion at all, it seems, you are quite OK with the content of my blog. 5 people said it is fine the way it is now, and 10 people doesn't even care what do I draw as long as I draw something.

Now only two people said that they want the bears back, and that's not a significant crowd (even in a crowd of 21 people), especially considering that one of them was me voting in place of my cousin who told me in November that he loved the bears more. So I won't go back on drawing bears, but maybe I'll find a way to feature them more…

The thing I'm most interested in, is the question of “with or without letters”. 4 people said that they prefer drawings without text on them, which might be only 19%, but considering that it's almost the amount of people who said it's OK, I cannot ignore them. Besides, I was also thinking that maybe putting words on them might have reduced the quality of my illustrations. It is true, that in the beginning it was more about the drawings, the way I illustrate things, and by starting to add text to it, to put it in a context, I've slowly started to tend to focus on the content of the text, and pay less attention to the drawing part, especially to their quality. Another negative consequence is that – as a result of my lazyness – the texts I write on them are often ugly, also does not really fit to the drawing.

So as the result of the poll, the things I've decided to change are:

#1 I'll try to make illustrations without text as many times as possible
Writing text on drawings can make one lazy: not trying to express the thing by the drawing, but just writing it down.The lack of text will keep my mind exercised, having to find ways to express visually instead of just verbally.

#2 I'll work on the “typography” of my drawings (not a wrong idea from someone who calls herself a typofreak, eh?)
Besides making them nicer, I really want to work on the way I place text on the drawing. I want to integrate the text in it, so that it won't feel like it's just “accidentally” there.

#3 I'll think about a way to get some bears back into 365IP world. ;)

But as you know, I'm posting exactly one month old stuff, so you'll be able to see these changes only next month. So please don't think – seeing the drawings of April – that these were just empty promises.


Magyar fordítások (about Hungarian translations)

Mivel szerettem volna, ha a külföldi ismerőseim is értik a napirajzaim, illetve ha idetéved egy-egy ismeretlen (jó eséllyel nem magyar; és idővel remélhetőleg jó sok lesz ilyen), számára is értékelhető a dolog, s mivel a magyar ismerőseim nagy része is tanul/tanult angolul, úgy gondoltam, célszerűbb lesz angolul készíteni a napirajzokat. Így 2012. január 1-jétől angol nyelvűek, a régebbiekhez pedig angol nyelvű fordítást készítettem.

Ugyanakkor ezzel hátrányba került pár ismerősöm, akik nem tanultak angolul, vagy nem tartozik éppen a kedvenc nyelveik közé, így – mivel a látogatóim túlnyomó többsége továbbra is magyar – úgy döntöttem, mostantól a képek szövegeinek magyar fordítását is közlöm a bejegyzésekben. (A többi szöveget sajnos továbbra sem fogom lefordítani, mert az már végképp meghaladná a kapacitásom, viszont mivel általában csak kiegészítő rizsa, az sem marad le semmi fontosról, aki nem érti :)

A magyar fordítások a „rizsa szekció” alatt szerepelnek majd, a jobb elkülönülés érdekében lila színnel. A blog főoldalán a bejegyzések alatti „Read more”-ra kattintva érhetitek el.


Another 365 bear illustration project

I've just found this. Didn't know about it when I started my 365 Illustration Project, so the thing seems a bit scary (especially considering that you can't find many 365 illustration projects out there). But well, his devotion to the bears lasted much longer than mine...