Fragments From My Sketchbook


Fragments From My Sketchbook



Fragments From My Sketchbook


Don't you find that most lyrics are just dumb and the rest are trying hard to be veeeery clever? Annoying, isn't it.



Fragments From My Sketchbook


 ...at least according to my boss. But don't think life is just about this narrow and pokey field! No! There's much more to it than just a newspaper! Because life, ladies and gentlemen, life is also about  http://berenycafe.hu/.



Fragments From My Sketchbook


Fears Part 1



Fragments From My Sketchbook


Once you start to watch it you'll understand. Although I don't recommend you to do so unless you want to look like an X-Large fitness ball with limbs in which case you really should watch it – best with subscriptions.


Fragments From My Sketchbook


I'm not talking telling the truth kind of standards, I'm talking aesthetic, especially typographic standards. But don't you worry, the death truck will take care of it.


Fragments From My Sketchbook


You know how much I love my colleague Csilla  whose going to have a baby soon of which (I mean who. Of who!) I won't be afraid, of what I even assured her by taking part in equipping the coming child with her very first pink things. And I am very happy for her (even though it means we have to do her job which we are incapable of) so am I for any of my friends having a baby, and they really should keep having the children they already do.

That been said – and referring to previous series about what my friends should stop doing and why – let us move onwards with our little lazy 365IP to discuss another serious issue of life. (Encouraging applauds are welcome, thank you.)

Fragments From My Sketchbook


You know what I mean? You don't? Just what kind of follower you call yourself, eh?! Here. Fill the holes in your knowledge.


Fragments From My Sketchbook


I bring cakes and chocolate, she brings fruits and bugs, is that a perfect division of labour or what!


Fragments From My Sketchbook


No but seriously. Don't you find it annoying when you hear couples singing passionately ‘Someone Like You’  to each other with tenderness in their eyes? (By the way, can we agree please that Adele is king master at this whole love-suffering business?) Girls holding close to their guy while asking them whith the most lovingly smile ‘Who do you think you are’? Boys dancing with their beloved to the fine tunes of ‘All By Myself’?

This is just – and I'm talking on belhalf of all single ones – not right. All this being-dramatic-dying-of-love-spectacularly-and-using-the-word-heartbreak-even-ten-times-in-a-sentence-if-we-please thing is ours. Ours and ours only.

I call all single people out there to unite! We should defend sad lovesongs! They are our monopoly to sing! Our monopoly to enjoy!

I go get the T-shirts and flags.


Fragments From My Sketchbook


Remember the other post about my workplace? To sum it up, most of the times we can't concentrate on work either because the little cats meowing, or the gardeners „working” next o us. One day…



Fragments From My Sketchbook


Fragments From My Sketchbook


It's not that we didn't know the ingredients. My Susi is quite an expert after spending one year in the absolute bread-less China. But in that year she discovered not only that it's cheaper and more delicious than bread from the shops, but also that this way you can creatively flavor it. This is how you can have a fully customized bread. Yes.