So for those who might have missed my summary of “what is past, what is now, and what is about to happen”...

“My most dedicated followers know that I skipped October. Which means if I end the project exactly a year after I started, it won't contain 365 illustrations. There were some days in November and in December when I did more than one drawing; annd there was a drawing in March of which I did two versions… but it's still lacking 19 drawings. So in June I decided to make 2 drawings per day for 19 days so that I can catch up.”

Drawing #1

Like seriously, it took about the whole day to find a more or less tolerable one! And I couldn't even find one which  respects baseline grid, not even one! Hah!
(And just to be absolutely fair I did not invent that fine thing with “at”, I stole it from Tamás. Sorry, but it was just so damn freakingly genius way to write these two letters in a single box.)

Drawing #2

Yepp, it's true. I, Eliza, also known as Greatest Enemy Of All Sports finally knuckled under, and decided to start jogging. You know, that thing when you put your feet in sportshoes and pretend you are very tough by putting one after the other more quickly than you normally do. The thing you do to make yourself believe yes, you can become healthier, slimmer and generally HOTTER. It is like recieving compliments. For single girls. Only without the whole “being fancied” thing.

Hungarian translations:
1. rajz:
Megtalálni a tökéletes modulhálós témát tumblr-re egyáltalán nem könnyű.

2. rajz:
Harmadik napja kocogok naponta. És még mindig élek!!! Szuperhős vagyok vazz... huh... vah.... huh... Hős vagyok.

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