Fragments From My Sketchbook


You know what they always say: “You are beautiful! You are special! You. Are. Perfect!”... And somehow the weirder you are, the more often you hear this. And of course you try to be a good girl and believe it, because that is how you should think these days... But the thing is, you can't actually force yourself to think that way. Because the brain doesn't work like that. You can write it on your mirror, you can murmur it constantly like a mantra, you can sing songs about it, but really... it doesn't work. Wanna know why? You're gonna hate me for that, but

Because it's not true.

Noone is perfect, let's deal with it. In my opinion the thing everyone should tell themselves sounds more like this:

You're not perfect.
And it's OK.

Well Miranda Hart is the least perfect person in the world – like ever! Just start watching the show, you will find you cannot possibly “out-unperfect” her. Besides it's a great fun to watch on a boring evening when all your friends are with their dates and you're done having serious conversations with your fruit friends or doing karaoke with your hoover boyfriend. Such fun! Such fun such fun such fun such fun such fun...

Hungarian translation
– Köszönöm, Miranda, hogy segítettél elfogadni önmagam az által, hogy a valaha volt legkevésbé tökéletes nő vagy!
– Ez azt hiszi, épp bókolt!

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