So you think I'm doing it right?

According to the result of the latest poll – though I can't say with a great many participants – the majority of you think N.A.P.I.R.A.I.Z. is the best thing I've ever done here in this little blogling of mine. (Yes, that's a word. Blogling. Blogling. Say it many times and you will catch it too. Blogling. Totally a word.)

Good. Because I'm fully intending to continue (whether it's your favourite or not) the way I did it. Also – and you can take it as a new year vow – this, ladies and gentlemen, this must be the year I finish my 30 Days (no, don't laugh!) Doctor Who project on my other blog.

Also, new poll coming soon.

Also, it's Christmas. We'll do something about it later.

Also. Have a nice day!

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