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Illustration for The Three Feathers from the collection of the Brothers Grimm

If I ever had the chance to make illustrations to it, actually to make a book which contains this tale, and I was free about it, I would totally do it that way. And the other ones. I'd just like to make a book like that with various fairytales.

The thing about illustration is, I think, that it shouldn't reveal too much, and it most definitely shouldn't tell you what is ‘The Most Beautiful Ever’ – which occurs in tales many times. Even more so, I'd like to make a book in which I'm not only not drawing things that are said to be ‘The Most Beautiful Ever’, I'd use it as an opportunity for children to express what they imagined by drawing it. That would be the coolest thing ever I think. But not just with ‘The Most Beautiful’, anything else could be made into a ‘What do you think it looks like’ game. That would be cool.

Then again, of course most publishers don't want their precious books to be doodled on, and when they do, they call it something else, a workbook or something, so there's nothing revolutionary about it. Even so... I do whatever I like on my blog, don't I?

Of course, being a children myself, I'll definitely draw this ‘Most Beautiful Ever’carpet later.

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