adatok 010

I know, it's been a while since A. D. A. T. O. K. was what the name originally represented. In my defense I haven't been much in an office kitchen ever since. But! Found a new job lately, got a new office and new coffee machine – although I still don't spend much time in the kitchen since there is literally no heating there (for deeper level of understanding what a great loss that is to me, see also i hate winter, thank you) – so it was about time I gave you a peek to the average days of my new office life. I present thee:

Well of course it's a bit of an exaggeration, I mean of course I'm not pointing or whispering to an imagine audience. That would be crazy. And I find that by time it's getting better, for example there are certain days lately when I don't even ask for his autograph.

Hungarian translation
Tudod, amikor a főnököd amolyan hírességféle, akit egy ideje már ismersz celebként, és most meg mindig csak úgy ott van, de te higgadtan viselkedsz, mint egy igazi profi?
– Hé! Pszt! Az ott ő! Az ott szó szerint, tényleg ő!
Hát én se.

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