Students and teachers of Buda Drawing School know well that on the way from the tram to the school there is a certain part of the sidewalk that... in rainy weather makes people make a hard decision about themselves. You see, the way you decide to get through a huge puddle pretty much sums up your personality (OK, maybe not, but it sounds so wise). Will you just walk through it letting your shoes and trousers get wet (unless you're Jesus or something), or will you jump through like an elementary school student risking to be called infantile... Or if you really are one, maybe even jump in, like a kindergarten kid.

As for me, well... you can see it. Decide for yourself what that tells about me.

Hungarian translation:
A rajziskolába való jelentkezés egy hitlépés volt számomra. Mint ahogy még mindig az minden héten odamenni. 
Esős napokon ugyanakkor ez egy hitugrás.

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