Remember the famous sentence from Black Cat, White Cat: “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” I'll spend a little time on it, because after this significant day you gonna see “The Book” in several drawings.

Hungarian typographers and simple typofreaks agree two things about it:
#1 its cover is bad as can be
#2 this is The Ultimate Textbook about typography.

It is as true that anyone who has not read it, face a shameful exclusion from typographer society, and even graphic artists who do not at least nod approvingly when mentioned, are considered lame amateurs. Indeed, this book is the best Hungarian book ever written on typography, even if it's more than 10 years old. Also, it is so well edited, that noone can put it down without becoming at least a little bit typofreak. This truth is so well proven, that even you, who follow my blog, will be conviced about it after seeing all my February and March dailydrawings.

Hungarian translation:
– Örülök az örömednek, de ez már azért beteges. 

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