Strangely enough, it succeeded very well – even if its kerning is something I won't admit by now to be done by me. And I'm so thankful for Rich's extremely lovely manner by which he is always able to calm me down, and by which he asks every little thing like it was the biggest favor he could've ever asked for. And I was extremely thankful for our teacher as well, who – as it turned out – has done a pretty good job explaining us everything that is important, although I wasn't able to apprehend a word of it at his lessons. But seriously, this notebook I use at those lessons is something I'd never give out of my hands for anything in the world. It proved to be a very useful tool.

Hungarian translation:
Címzett: Rich Chwastiak
Szóval egy olyan verziót szeretnél a rajzból, amit elküldhetsz a nyomdába, hogy készíthessenek belőle egy másfél méteres bannert? Nem probléma, barátom! Ne félj, amíg engem látsz!

Oké, nyomdák. Mit tanultunk a nyomdákról?? ANYÁM! A tanár mondott valamit a feketékről, és...

Profi vagyok.

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