Drawing #1 

Do you remember that semi final between Germany and Italy? Balotelli and stuff, get it?...

 So yes, I cheer for the Germans. Just to inform any Hungarian who'd like to bring up 1954... I'd gladly cheer for my own country but somehow we just don't happen to be at these great football competitions. As soon as the Hungarian team will get in, I swear, I totally cheer for them, all up to the moment they get beaten in the first round.

Previously I didn't even see the point in watching it at all. I mean, let's be honest, if you don't find any team you can bind to, it is just differently dressed guys running on striped grass. Until one day my dear friend, Susi asked me:
– Hey, will you watch the world cup?
– No, I won't. Hungary couldn't make it so I don't really see the point.
– But if you had a friend whose country is playing... I mean...  you could cheer for them, couldn't you?
– Yea, but I don't really have... wait a second... you're German, right?...

So from that point, I'm cheering for Germany. Now you know, and if you still have problems with it, well, “haters gonna hate”.

Drawing #2

*kürbis gut = it's a loan translation of a Hungarian phrase which means “very cool” or something like that. Yea, I know that's not an actual German phrase, but it' just for fun.

So a little explanation for that one too. This drawing was obviously made before the semi-final, and I was just imagining the moment I go out to a public place – a pub or something – in my german-cheering-outfit to watch the Final... You know, in Hungary it's not a big tradition to cheer for Germany, nevertheless it is, to cheer for Spain – I have absolutely no idea why by the way. Unless, they want to choose a team that will most likely win, which doesn't seem to me any more reasonable than to cheer for your BGFF's (Best German Friend Forever) country's team.) 

Hungarian translation:
1. rajz:

Hajfesték: pipa!
Arcfesték: pipa!
Ruhák: pipa!
Minden készen áll egy jó EB döntőhöz!
Uh, várj csak... még egy tétel van a listán...
német győzelem az elődöntőn ”

2. rajz:
Tök jó!
Jobban meggondolva... Azt hiszem, inkább csak megnézem otthon.

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