Summary of what is past, what is now and what is about to happen

What is past?

So as you might have noticed, my project is coming to its end. The blog header says “only till August 26th”, and since I'm posting drawings by exactly one-month delay, what it really means is that I'm doing it until July 26th. Yepp, I've started it on July 27th 2011 and gonna end exactly 365 (ookay, please be gracious and don't remind me that 2012 was a leap year and technically it should have been called 366 Illustration Project) days after its start.

the very first daily drawing from July 27th 2011

What is now?

We know that everything has its time. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot. Now it is the time of patience. And you know: “patience produces character, character produces hope.” (Romans 5,4) And hope won't decieve you, because I promise I'll post June drawings as soon as I'm able to scan them. For which I'm trying to find a way as soon as possible.

Until then I just beg your patience. Also I'll post some other drawings of mine here so that you won't get totally bored. :)

What is about to happen?

First of all, I'm gonna post those June drawings. And believe me, I'll make it up to you. Your patience will be rewarded by double amount of dailydrawings. My most dedicated followers know that I skipped October. Which means if I end the project exactly a year after I started, it won't contain 365 illustrations. There were some days in November and in December when I did more than one drawing; annd there was a drawing in March of which I did two versions… but it's still lacking 19 drawings. So in June I decided to make 2 drawings per day for 19 days so that I can catch up.

And after it? Well as you can guess, after it I start to post July drawings (hope I'll be able to scan them in time) until the whole project ends. But don't worry, the end of the project doesn't mean the end of the blog.

I have several plans which are not entirely clear right now, but there are some things I'm sure of.

#1 Time to slow down a little bit
One drawing per day is crazy, especially with drawings which needs that much work. I don't know how I was able to make it until now, but I do know that sometimes I wasn't and that the only way I was able to do them later was that I had no job.
So the new project will rather be a “few drawings a week project”. Which most of you won't mind anyway considering that according to the results of my poll (right sidebar) so far, most of my visitors come here only a few times a week.

#2 Time to change the task
This project was a very good way to practise stuff related to drawing and also to keep my brain trained for creativity. But the last few months I don't feel it's use anymore. I did so much of these that somehow it became a routine. I didn't learn anything new anymore. At least not from these.
So the new project will contain other various tasks like childrens' book illustrations (in which I'm gonna be able to bring those bears back too, remember, I promised), more naturalist drawings, more artistic stuff, typographical tasks, comic strips – just like original daily drawings too. Yes, you can stop worrying now, I keep doing these kind of drawings as well – even if less frequently. I know that many of you like them, and in fact, I like to do them as well (and I'm quite sure my brain won't be able to stop thinking them out anyway), so why should I stop it entirely.

#3 Time to keep what is good
Besides keeping 365IP-style drawings, I'll also keep some things. Like the themes. I got my themes from my life, and I found it a very good way to think out stuff in such a regular base. I know most of you wouldn't think so, but even those “creative minds” have problems thinking out something interesting. Restricting it to my life (and sometimes my friends lives) is a great help.

Okay, that's it for now, and I'm very proud of all of you who've read this. I know that if you have to scroll any further, your mouse wheel will probably seize, so I end it up here. Go have an icecream or run to the strand! It's summer afterall!

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