So I bet you're wondering: “Am I also stupid, or is it one of those inside jokes again?” Well I don't know about the first one, but you are absolutely right about the latter.

It was a nice sunny day in July when I got into a discussion with a dear aquintance of mine about Em Griffin, Woody Allen movies and stuff like that, and I realized again, how very similar I am to the baby elephant – as they say. It takes a great effort to save anything serious in my mind, but hell, how quickly I can forget all of them! And I'm not just saying “all of them”, I mean all of them.

I was in the middle of complaining about how general knowledge, scientific stuff, culture, history, and basically every serious information is getting out of my head immediately but leaving their little annoying footprints just to make me frustrated, when another serious scientific information hit me by him telling it... Unfortunately I can't remember it, but it had something to do with holograms.

Hungarian translation:
Annyira buta vagyok!

vagy csak túl kevés a hologramom.

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