So yes, that time I had this... sort of... notbeingable-todrawthe-tenthdoctoritis, I admit. But give me some time, and in my nex project you will see that I recovered from it.

Also, I have to emphasize here, that my favourite Doctor is, and has been, and always will be Christopher Eccleston. But be honest, according to the bare statistics, David Tennant's name very likely makes more people come here. And no wonder. I mean, I totally can understand it. He is the hottest guy living right now on the face of the Earth, and that's exactly why he is not my favourite Doctor. But he was a brilliant Doctor, that must be said, great enough to be my second favourite...

Hungarian translation: 
– Ó, Doktor! Meglátod, milyen jól kijövünk majd!
– Hallod, neked aztán tényleg nincs életed!
– Voltaképpen csak több followert szeretnék. SOKKAL többet.

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