So (by the way how lame it is that I start almost every post with a “so” and end them with a “well...”? It's like I'm from the twin planet of ChanTho's) I basically did everything the 365 Illustration Project had. It is done. I even did the alldrawingsinonepicture thing, the heymypicturesareusedinchina thing, the only thing I didn't do is to sell some swimsuits with my characters (which I'm willing to do if you wish).

Time has come for a fresh start. Which means, from now on I'm not the 365IP-girl, but the 30DW-whovian. Well, I admit, I'll have to work on that title. Nevertheless!

Now don't feel marginalized, but – unlike 365IP – I'm gonna post this drawing project only on tumblr (and deviantART if you – for some weird reason – prefer that). So if you're interested in it at least a bit, start memorizing this url:

(Now you can't say I made it difficult.) I'm not saying it's the end of my blog on blogger, let's just put it this way: I switch to the another one for a short period and let's see if there's a reason I post here something later.

OK, now I'm working very hard to make “well” my last word, but it's just not happening. Well...

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