They teach me in China

Yes, it is true. You might remember my BGFF, Susi, who had been teaching English for kids in a fancy language school in China for one year. She loved to try out new and creative teaching methods – some of these they still use – and in that she went so far as to use drawings from blogs that are blocked there and make Chinese kids write new subtitles on them. One day I got these from her...

(original: 02/20/2012)

Much more optimistic than mine was, dare I say.

Boy, they just read my mind!

*No 4 People Hospital: Asylum

 (original: 04/28/2012)

Amazing how Chinese kids agree my illustration teacher.

I'm not sure I'm really comfortable having the "f" word written on my cheek but the mushroom and birdnest hat I might consider. Looks quite hip.

* "Oh my Lady Gaga" is an expression they often use in China in order to be considered cool

(original: 04/24/2012)

Again, they read minds...

... surely they do.

(original: 04/06/2012)

This would have turned out very differently, if she'd handed out colored photocopies, I bet.

Hair must be a big issue there. Susi told me when she went to a hairdresser, he made a big hassle to make her hair as chinese as he could. Which meant to cut it as short as could be in order to get rid of Susi's hair's natural vavyness.

He didn't succeed.

(original: 03/13/2012)

Surely that would be the first question that came to my mind in this case.

* "when can China eat its food" appears to be a chinese expressions which has something to do with the fact that the country is shaped like a chicken. Don't feel stupid, I don't get it either.

(original: 03/01/2012)

Apparently this picture got the creative writer out of the children. The another one is even more touching.

Anyway, I love being considered a man in both pictures. Reminds me to real life.

(original: 05/24/2012

I love how they wrote Susi in the story. :) I'm even more amazed by their irresistable desire to complete my drawings. I just can't decide which one do I like more: the angel-accessories or the little drop of snivel in my nose...

... no, I've made up my mind. It's definitely the hands and human bones.

I hope you enjoyed this little outlook. I surely did, and I'm also very proud of my illustrations making it to become actually used teaching material. I'll come back soon with new drawings, until that, enjoy the last week of autumn!

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