23 November + napiraiz #027

Soooo! 23rd November, 2013! What a day! It is – of course – the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, and also the day My Little Pony Season 4 starts (#yesiamagrownup). And today arrived my very own copy of Colour Harmony In Practice (which hasn't been available for quite a while, and even after ordering it, I had to wait a few weeks for it, so it is a big deal for me, yes).

And of course we could refer to loads of other big events and anniversaries (any of you having their birthdays today? A big virtual cake then from me. No, no need to thank.)

That been said, it is still a day to post a new N. A. P. I. R. A. I. Z., so here you are my not nerd friends and followers, something totally Doctor Who-free:

Oh. Yeah. I didn't say weird-mania-free.

Hungarian translation
1. kép
– Ötven éves vagyok ma, kedvesem, ötven! Nem gondolod, hogy netalán illő lenne egy rajzzal köszöntened?
– Ötven? Azt hittem, ezervalamennyi...

2. kép
Hanbok és piros magassarkú. Ez bizony egy elég ciki összeállítás.
Még tőlem is.
Még egy álomban is.

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