napiraiz #023

If you know me for a while, you should have recognised that I have a certain... um... how to say that nicely... problem with objects. It's just that I tend to become maybe a teeny-tiny bit too sentimental and overattached to them. How horrible of a christian, I know, right?! But at least it's not getting in the way of being reasonable with my keys. I would easily get rid of any of them, the miute I have no more reason to keep them. But they are in fact all very important.

Room key from 6 years ago at our dormitory? How could I when it was so hard to take it out secretly and – against all the strict rules – make a copy of a key for a room that is not even my room (at least on paper). Oh and as for that tiny cutesy-wootsy little key? Oh but that I can't get rid! That was the key to my first chain to my first bike! What? What that you say? The enormous piece of lead I have on that other ring there? Now that is just outrageous you suggest me to throw away! Don't you know that that was a key to our kitchen... like twenty years ago... when we couldn't close the other door and we had to... I mean before we changed the lock on the kitchen door. So? That is, my dear, not a reason good enough for me to leave poor little (well...) key who did no harm to anyone! How would he (yes, he's a male) feel then?

So as you can see, I have my fair reasons. As for keychains? Oh I don't see the point of them. Not with a keyring like this!

Hungarian translation
Azt mondják, a lányok kulccsomóin sosem lehet megtalálni a kulcsokat, mert hajlamosak túl sok kulcstartót rakni rá.
Ez annyira igaz. 
Én is mindig alig találom a négy kulcsom a kulcscsomómon.

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