Big in Korea

Many of you know that for a while I'm studying Korean with the help of a brilliant site called Talk To Me In Korean. They had a project lately in which listeners could submit illustrations to their upcoming vocabulary book.

This must be enough for you to guess what this post is gonna be about… Ladies and gents, my illustrations in a book that is sold everywhere around the world.

No I didn't draw the owl, that's just the cover of the book.

to be jealous, envious

to wear (clothes)

shortage, lack, insufficency

to borrow

Talking about weaknesses…

You can see the other drawings I've submitted just as these in original size here (no, not all of them are old drawings from my blog, I drew some just for the project too). I also recommend you to check out the others' submissions, there are many brilliant ones.

That would be it… oh, wait, also, they chose to use one of my drawings in their advertisement for the book*. Well when you're big in Korea…

*the other one you can see is by Michelle Aisha

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