napiraiz #105

Fact. I live in Hungary's most beautiful town (yes, Ísztör, sush), in the nicest possible part of it. So much green and green and green and a lovely tiny river with a lovely tiny waterfall and flowers everywhere and just... whoooa! But all this is the best in spring, because there isn't too hot to be alive, of course, and because of the ginormeous amount of cherry-blossom. Now just look what a gorgeous sight I have from my window. It's like tons of petals covering you and taking over you and maybe trying to absorb you as a gigantic floral monster (okay, bad metaphor. Forget it. Just look.)

The answer to your question is yes. You are allowed to be jealous.

Hungarian translation
Csak tavasszal akarok élni, és utána átaludni az egész évet.
Igen, így van. Teljes tíz napot kívánok ébren tölteni.

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