napiraiz #117

You know – despite of my huge love towards ponies – I don't usually do drawings with horses. There is a reason. Because when I do, it usually looks like this:


...or this:

...or like the other day when my clients (who also happen to be my colleagues) asked me to draw our boss horse-riding…

 ...and our other (rather tall and skinny) male colleague…

Despite of the fantastic quality of these brilliant doodles, Márta came up with the most brilliant idea to solve my... well, let's call it ‘horse-problem’. Her 8-year-old is an art genious in horse (actually not much else yet, as she informed me, but that's good enough.) Naturally I'll have to wait until she gets 15 or so, but then…

I'll pay her in pink and purple mascara and sparkly nail polish.

Hungarian translation
Eliza Bámulatos Kreatív Művészi Dizájn Stúdiója (lovat is vállalunk)
– Zita! Egy újabb ügyfél szeretne egy lovat a dizájnjába.
– Rajta vagyok!

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