You know the thing they always tell people like me: “you are not a waste, you're just special, and you are beautiful this way” and stuff. As if “special” had become a synonym for freak.

But you know how it works: when you're trying to get a job, that kind of “specialness” is not desirable, thank you very much. So being an extremely shy, extremely clumsy person with extreme phobias, my only hope is to – somehow, magically – become someone else before I step foot in a job interview.

I guess, getting shocked by fear in the edge of the town (one of my inborn phobias); getting some manure in my freshly-washed hair; getting completely lost, then realizing that I went out of the town on the wrong road; being 20 minutes late; then not being able to speak about how awesome I am (which I am of course not, but which every not awesome person must testify on a job interview), or – not being able to speak about anything –… I guess these exhaust the concept of being myself. I won't be a secretary at Boros és Fiai Ltd.

Hungarian translation:
Drága Uram! Tudom, hogy félelmes és csodálatos módon alkottál ilyen különlegesre…
És igazán értékelem ezt, de kérlek, add, hogy holnap egy kicsit kevésbé
Csak álmodom, ez nem a valóság. Nem fogok sírni… Nem sírok!!!…
Oké, melyik részét nem értetted?!

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