Fragments From My Sketchbook / Easter Greetings

 E13 – Happy Easter to y'all!

After a soulkilling (I don't care if there's no such word) day at work I didn't have any more power to do something in front of the computer. Actually I didn't have any power to do anything. At all. I decided to take the dog for a (short) walk, and then go to bed relatively early.

But then it came to me.

This snow is just too clingy and essentially too much not to do something with it. Then it took only a minute to swich from making a snowman to making a snow rabbit. I felt very creative. Only 23 million people worldwide had the very same creative idea at the same exact moment.

Then again. I had fun doing something I haven't done, probably like in at least 15 years time.

Hungarian translation
Az idő relatív, oké? Ha havazhat húsvétkor, akkor egy 26 éves, egyáltalán nem anya státuszú felnőtt nő is építhet hóembert munka után. Vagy... nos... jelen esetben...

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