Fragments From My Sketchbook


No but seriously. Don't you find it annoying when you hear couples singing passionately ‘Someone Like You’  to each other with tenderness in their eyes? (By the way, can we agree please that Adele is king master at this whole love-suffering business?) Girls holding close to their guy while asking them whith the most lovingly smile ‘Who do you think you are’? Boys dancing with their beloved to the fine tunes of ‘All By Myself’?

This is just – and I'm talking on belhalf of all single ones – not right. All this being-dramatic-dying-of-love-spectacularly-and-using-the-word-heartbreak-even-ten-times-in-a-sentence-if-we-please thing is ours. Ours and ours only.

I call all single people out there to unite! We should defend sad lovesongs! They are our monopoly to sing! Our monopoly to enjoy!

I go get the T-shirts and flags.

Hungarian translation
4. Jogodban áll élvezni a szomorú szerelmes dalokat anélkül, hogy nevetségessé válnál.
Miért jó vénlánynak lenni című szeminárium-sorozatunk minden alkalommal nagy érdeklődésnek örvend.

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