napiraiz #043

Dear readers (or maybe it's better to say viewers, because… well… obviously… the drawings, not that there's nothing to read here, especially if you are Hungarian who doesn't speak English, well, in which case you're probably not reading this here either… although there are letters as well on my drawings, but please don't say maybe it'd be better if there were nothing else but letters – though I would welcome the fellow-typofreak in you… aaaaanyway!)

You might have noticed that I've  got a bit held up in the whole Christmas-issue-making-and-a-few-personal-aspects-of-Christmas-coming-too, but hopefully I'll be able to get back to the good 'ole one drawing per day practice from now on.

So! New year, eh? Let's start with a classic Wickham one shall we?

Hungarian translation
„...az ő szemében mindig mintaképe lesz a kellemes, szeretetre méltó embernek.”
Oh, Elizabeth, hogy lehettél ennyire buta?!

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