napiraiz #050

You know how I'm always saying my workplace is like a factory, you can't even stop to have some lunch or go to the toilet actually, it's just soulkilling, stressful, chaotic working, working, working...

Now then once in a while we have just a tiny little sip of fresh air when the boss leaves and we have (relatively) all work done. Some calm. Maybe a glass of wine left from the boring christmas meeting. Shared by the three of us but not from the same glass because ewww! gross!. And maybe, just maybe some laughing. Just before we close the office for a few hours.

And when is someone to come in? Well of course in that two and a half minutes!

I think we acted very naturally.

Hungarian translation
– Szeretném ööö... meghirdetni a... dédnagyanyám temetését a következő számban...

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