napiraiz #062

Don't judge, she has a cat called Pemberley! And a puppy! (But that one is not called Pemberley, because that would be extremely confusing.) Then there are all these cheap souvenirs from Korea brought by her husband who travels there usually for business. Also, all those folkdance stuff thanks to her older daughter who dances at Borbolya Dance Group. The only Borbolya-stuff at our house is the great pile of cat hair that could be found on all of our garments! Naturally I felt a bit of nostalgic seeing her dance-skirt…

But all this was nothing compared to the loft. The girls have their own creative room upstairs! (Or will have… A true fan of Doctor Who knows how time is not a strict progression of cause to effect.) That was the thing that finally made me say: „I want to be a child in this house”. And which made Martha say „Me too.”

Hungarian translation
Márta viszonylag hamar megbánta, hogy megmutatta otthonát Elizának.
– Á, sziasztok, lányok! Én vagyok az új tesótok!

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