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Part 5 –Illustration of type

At school we got the task to illustrate letters. Simple things, like draw a brush that paints a "B", or a lawn mower cutting an "L" from the grass (get it? B-rush; L-awnmower)... Since I thought it's kinda lame, I decided to add a little plus to the task, so I illustrated not only letters, but certain typefaces. (I did the task in Hungarian, so the alliteration thing won't work in English, but whatever, that's not the point.)

 1. Comic Sans + cuki cica (cute kitten)

 2.Shelley Script + eSküvő (wedding)
(As my teacher said: "Don't even think of using this font for wedding invitations, unless you want to boast with the fact that yours is the 230 millionth one today made with this font.")

3. Gill Sans + grotesque

4. All right, that's a tough one. I can't translate it, primarily because I don't know the word for this type of shoe in English (if there is); and secondly because I'm not sure it would mean the same for everyone... Anyway here it is for the Hungarians:

"A Times New Roman a tipográfia makkoscipője" (Gerhes Gábor)

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