Other drawings of mine

Part 6 – Caricatures

It's been 2 months since I promised to post the remaining 365IPs and 2 weeks since my last alibi-post. Fair enough to loose even my most persistent followers. But in case there's still anyone out there to check out this blog sometimes, here goes the next chapter of my “other drawings” series.

This time it's not something I've done for school, these are done for friends and there are some fanart too (except sometimes it's hard to decide which is which)It all started by one request and then – all of a sudden – I found myself doing these sort of drawings on an assembly line.

Here are a few examples:

singer-songwriter, facebook-buddy Tristan Clopet

my DJ and professional percussionist friend Rich Chwastiak

Jon Cozart (oh, come on, if you don't know who he is...) 

 ... annd my cousin (not hard to tell what he's famous for ;) 

If you liked them don't miss my Behance project! I have some more there.

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